Friday, December 11, 2015

9 Top Attraction Secrets Men Should Know !!

9 Top Attraction Secrets Men Should Know,man woman eating grapes love romance nature trees

Attracting women is not just about being macho or behaving like a Casanova. It takes much more personality and charm to be able to attract women. If you want to attract the woman of your dreams, here are a few top attraction secrets that you must know.

1. Play it cool
One of the most important things to keep in mind while trying to attract a woman is to not let her know that you are desperate for her. No matter which trick in the book you employ to get her attention, know when to draw the line. Women are more attracted to subtle charm as compared to in-your-face desperation.

2. Focus on one woman
A common mistake that many men make while attracting a woman is that they get distracted by too many women and try to attract many of them at the same time. Your charm will get diluted if you don’t focus it towards one woman. Select the woman that you want to attract and focus all your energies on her. This will make a big difference in the speed and intensity with which you may be able to attract her.

3. Make good conversation
Find out more about the woman you want to attract. Know her interests, past, likes and dislikes so that you have enough information on the basis of which you can make conversation. A woman may get impressed with the way you dress and look. But you will be able to make a lasting impression on her only if you can hold a conversation with her.

4. Smell sexy
Men often underestimate the power of a good aftershave or cologne. Smelling good is key to building up attraction between a woman and you. You certainly don’t want to give off body odor and you most definitely do not want to smell of the cheap drugstore stuff. Use something that makes you feel confident and rest assured the woman will notice.

5. Get close but not too close
Now that you have on that cologne, learn to use it to your advantage. Stand behind her and pull out her chair when she gets up, lean past her to reach for something – you need to be subtle, not in her face or creepy. The trick is to let her smell you. Scents can often be a big turn-on for women and can set the attraction going.

6. Don’t act interested in her all the time
You can wield your charm over the woman you want by seeming slightly inattentive to her occasionally. Show her that she is not the only thing on your mind, you have other things to do and think about too. This may arouse the feeling of desperation in her by making her wonder when you will shower attention on her again.

7. Let the woman pursue you
Once you know for sure that the woman you want to charm has noticed you and likes you back too, withdraw your interaction gradually. By observing the moves she makes, you will be able to judge how badly she has been smitten by you. One of the lesser known secrets of attraction is that you should give women the chance to pursue you too.

8. Act manly and chivalrous
There is a slight difference between acting manly and macho. You don’t need to become an alpha male and act aggressively to attract your woman. Simply follow a chivalrous code of conduct and make your woman feel like she is a princess. This includes opening the door for her, giving her your jacket when she is cold or paying the bills when she is with you.

9. Give her compliments that she will remember
Don’t stop at telling your woman that she looks beautiful or she is hot, because that is something that other men are likely to tell her too. Set yourself apart from other men by making your compliments original and heartfelt. Your woman will instantly feel the warmth of a personalized compliment and she will remember it for a long time as compared to clichéd praise.

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