Thursday, December 10, 2015

7 Ways to Make Her Believe You are the One !!

7 Ways to Make Her Believe You are the One,man woman couple wearing white sea beach vacation honeymoon love romance

The concept of ‘the one’ has gained a lot of traction in this age where having multiple partners during the course of one’s life is deemed acceptable. It is probably because of the relative ease with which relationships begin and end that men and women both tend to look for that one lasting relationship. However it can get tricky to convince your partner that you are indeed the one for her. Read on to see how you can convince her that you indeed are the one.

1. Be reliable in your behavior
When you are looking for the one in your life, you will tend to look for someone who will be in for the long haul. That means showing reliability. This will take some time and won’t happen overnight but if you are there for her repeatedly over a period of time, she will come to see you as someone who can be trusted and depended on.

2. Never show any indications of disloyalty
A woman’s greatest fear is infidelity in her man. Therefore she will need to be reassured that you are not prone to the roving eye and will be with her no matter what. Steer clear of casual flirtatious with women, unless you are sure your lady sees it in good fun.

3. Be honest and truthful
Coming clean about your past gives the indication that you value the foundation of your relationship. Be honest about your past and about your present. She will sense if you are not entirely open with her about things and will never trust you until she is sure you are a solid guy.

4. Do not be overly aggressive and short-tempered
Men with aggressive tendencies are a strict no no. While different people display different levels of aggression, it is important for you to introspect and see if you fall in the overly aggressive category. If that is the case, then you are most likely not a favorable candidate for a life partner. You must learn to control your temper, practice meditation and inculcate a degree of softness in your demeanor. This will make the woman feel safe and secure with you and will help you in getting closer to her.

5. Do not be reckless in your spending
A woman might not explicitly say so but an overly generous spending behavior might make you less favorable in her eyes. She needs to know that you have saved enough to take care of future exigencies. Women are by nature more conservative and a balanced spending approach is something they are most likely to look for in their life partner.

6. Be nice to kids
Not all but most women want kids at some point in their lives. Which is why they also look for someone with the potential to be a good father. Often she may subconsciously be receiving such signals from her man. Over a period of time, she will form a perception of you as someone who can be a good parent to her kids.

7. Get to know the traits on her ‘checklist’
Other than the generic attributes discussed above, there are certain attributes which a woman wants in her man that are specific to her. For some it may be something like an interest in books, love for traveling or art, so on and so forth. For some it may be certain personality traits such as thoughtfulness, sense of humor, strong moral code, etc. Or it could be physical attributes such as a good height or a great body. Some of these traits you may have, some can be cultivated and some you can do nothing about. However it is important to at least know what is a deal breaker and what isn’t. This way you can make sure she knows if you have any of those traits.

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