Friday, December 11, 2015

7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special !!

7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special,man woman love romance attraction

Do you want to make your girlfriend feel like she is on cloud 9? Do you want to do something for her that will make her feel like a princess? Here are a few things you can do to make your girlfriend feel extremely special and cared for.

1. Give your girlfriend handmade gifts
Have you ever considered how happy you will make your girlfriend if you give her a token that you have made yourself? Usually, girls are the ones to give their boyfriends unique and creative handmade gifts. For a change, you can turn the tables on her and show her that even you too can do something creative and handcrafted for her. Paint on a t-shirt, make a photo collage of your pictures or write her name in calligraphy on a plaque to sweep her off her feet.

2. Say ‘I love you’ to your girlfriend in a few innovative ways
All girlfriends love it when their boyfriends express their love by saying ‘I love you’. Make her feel special by expressing your love for her in ten different innovative ways. You can do a variety of things which include sending her a recorded message, slipping a sticky note in her bag or writing a love message with removable marker on the windshield of your girlfriend’s car.

3. Ask your girlfriend to waltz with you at a party
You may have danced with your girlfriend at many parties, but have you waltzed with her yet? Girls love ballroom dancing or slow dancing with their boyfriends as they find it very romantic. Request the DJ to put on a slow number and ask your girl for a dance the next time you are at a party. You girlfriend will feel like princess who is being wooed.

4. Ask your girlfriend questions about her dreams
Don’t be under the false impression that you know everything about your girlfriend. There may be many aspects about her dreams and ambitions which you aren’t familiar with. The next time you are having a casual conversation with your girlfriend, ask her questions about her dreams and wishes. Give her full attention as she shares the deepest secrets of her life with you. This will make her feel very special.

5. Take the initiative to plan a romantic evening for your girlfriend
If your girlfriend is the one who usually plans all your dates and outings, make her feel nice by taking the initiative and planning a date. Take her out for dinner, follow it up with a movie or take a walk on the beach. Let her know that you have a romantic side too.

6. Show her affection in front of your friends
Girls love it when their boyfriends have the guts to hold hands with them or hug them in front of their friends. It gives them the reassurance that their boyfriends are not ashamed of their relationship. Show your girlfriend that you are proud of being in a relationship with her by displaying your affection in public.

7. Choose a random time to show her your love
One of the ways in which you can make your girlfriend feel special is to select a random time to show your love to her. For example, call her in the middle of the night to tell her that you are thinking about her. Show up at her office and tell her that you just wanted to see her beautiful face. Or call her early in the morning and ask her to meet you by feigning an emergency.

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