Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Great Reasons to Break Up !!

5 Great Reasons to Break Up,sad man lonely bad relation divorce

When a guy gives his heart to a woman, his world is at her feet. These are guys who are serious about commitment and are not playboys. True guys know the value of commitment. However, not all relationships have a happy ending. Sometimes, you have to look deep and decide whether your relationship still holds good, or whether it is time to move on. Read below to find 5 great reasons to break up.

1. Listen to your instincts
Believe it or not, our instincts are good judgment feelers. Are you feeling insecure in your relationship? Have all the ways of communication and compromise been exhausted? Do you trust her enough? Is she truthful when she gives reasons for being incommunicado? Most of the times suspicions are false alarms, but too many red flags are a cause for concern. At that time, take some time off and listen to your inner voice.

2. Lack of emotional compatibility
Your girlfriend may be the hottest girl in town, but do you feel connected to her? Men need not be macho all the time. There are times when we require emotional support. We need to feel a rapport with our prospective better half. If you are lacking emotional compatibility with your girl, either you or she is not serious enough or it’s just a case of high infatuation.

3. Lack of physical compatibility
You saw this coming, didn’t you? Having chemistry with your girl is very important. The reason is not just sexual intimacy but also a burning passion. There is no need to break up with your girlfriend because she isn’t the next Emma Watson. But if your eyes have now started to wander in search of the next hot girl in town, it may be time to move on. Be gentle about it and it will save her a lot of embarrassment.

4. Stalemate
Sometimes a relationship runs far too long without any direction. End result? It’s a stalemate. You both are dead bored of each other. There is nothing ‘exciting’ in your private moments. You look for excuses to avoid spending time with her. Either you decide for a marriage or go towards the exit saving a lot of time.

5. Too much attachment
Both of you may be very ‘into each other’. You cannot be separate even for a single minute, but there is something known as personal space. She should not be pinging you each second. Too much attachment will ultimately lead to restlessness, which will lead to you facing the backdoor.

Every individual is entitled to his opinion but the points raised above should guide you to take a decision at the right time. After all, a relationship is not chewing gum whose limits need to be stretched and tested, but a precious treasure to be preserved.

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