Friday, December 11, 2015

6 Tips on How to Bond With Your In-Laws

6 Tips on How to Bond With Your In-Laws family reunion

Forming a good bond with your in-laws is important if you want to build a strong foundation for your family. The initial phase of familiarizing yourself with your in-laws can be tricky but once you form a good bond with them, they will be like a second set of parents to you. Here are few tips on how you can bond with your in-laws.

1. Call your in-laws frequently
Do you call your in-laws only on their birthdays, anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas? Do you avoid calling them without any reason? If you abstain from calling your in-laws without any reason, you will not be able to break the ice with them. Call them more frequently for a casual chat just like you would call your own mom and dad. This will set the stage for your relationship to blossom further.

2. Address them as Mom and Dad
It is a common practice for married couples to address their respective in-laws by their first names. But this can keep your relationship very formal. By addressing them as mom and dad, you will be able to establish a personal connection and make them feel loved. Your in-laws will feel good about the fact that you think of them as your second parents.

3. Seek advice from your in-laws and approach them with your problems
Would you think twice before calling your mom to ask for her advice? You can form a bond with your in-laws in the same way by taking your problems to them and asking them for advice. Even if you don’t have a real problem, you can create an insignificant problem just so that you have a chance to talk to them and make them feel important. You can also ask them questions based on their life experiences.

4. Invite them over to your place or visit them more often
Nothing can replace the bond which is formed when you meet someone in person. Invite your in-laws over for dinners, barbecues and other occasions. Chat with your mother-in-law about her hobbies or play a game of cards or golf with your father-in-law. Visit your in-laws’ place to strengthen your bond with them, especially if you have kids. Over time, you will notice that seeing each other in person has made a lot of positive difference to your relationship.

5. Spend time with your in-laws without your wife
Your bond with your in-laws can be strengthened a great deal if you spend time with them in the absence of your wife. This will make your in-laws feel that you care about them and love them even when their daughter is not around. Let your relationship with your in-laws be independent of your spouse as this will make them feel special.

6. Run errands for your in-laws and help them in whatever way you can
When you help someone in whatever way you can, you are likely to win their hearts. Use the same principle for bonding with your in-laws. Ask your in-laws if you can run any errands for them. It could be something as small as bringing groceries for them occasionally, sending them something that you have cooked or helping them with setting up a program in their computer.

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