Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Reasons Why Love at First Sight is Real !!

5 Reasons Why Love at First Sight is Real,romance attraction affection admire like man woman girl guy

Sometimes when two pairs of eyes meet, there is just a click. This is what love at first sight has been conceived as in popular stories, films and other mediums. However, sometimes, love at first sight might be a little more than this. Sometimes you observe someone extremely endearing to you and this person need not even be the most beautiful of people you’ve met but something about her entices you. Further, all that she does and says make you want to fall head over heels in love. Now here, a love story begins. What makes love at first sight concrete, credible and long lasting?

1.Because the heart feels what the mind does not analyze
When you rationalize with your mind and put down pros and cons on why you should or should not like a girl; the entire exercise ceases to be termed love. But when you instantly find a connection that is hard to put away and because one or more factors that you observed at first sight created an invisible bonding; that love is unconditional.

2.Because the first sight you love and in the subsequent sights you analyze
When you instantly like someone and want to share your future with her, it is called love. But at subsequent sights, the human mind tends to analyze and then it becomes calculated or evaluated.

3.Because it occupies your memories
It is very difficult to erase her thoughts from your mind. Even after several years, your first sight of her will remain unchanged, evergreen and always beautiful. That might be a moment of regret if you haven’t pursued it then.

4.Because love does not happen for everyone the same way
Love is not a fixed emotion. It could happen anytime and anywhere. If you could fall in love with someone after say six months or two years, why can’t the chemistry work out instantly? Is there any logic on the quantum of time that should be involved before your confirm love? If there is, then it would take a lifetime to actually fall in love with someone.

5.Because there are many marriages that have proven this logic right
There are several marriages, celebrity or otherwise that are successful in this case. The couples lead a harmonious relationship and still think about the day they set their eyes on their spouses. One glance or a specific act or just about any factor can contribute to a strong liking that develops into love in no time.

So never hold back an emotion and if you feel a strong gust of liking for someone, go all out and explore. Love at first sight exists and can be genuine as long as the two want it to work just as much in any kind of love.

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