Saturday, December 12, 2015

6 Awesome Tips to Stay Mysterious With Women !!

6 Awesome Tips to Stay Mysterious With Women,man woman relation

Mystery takes the level of attraction to a different level and maintains it. It is very important to be a little mysterious so that the woman always wants to know more. A woman would get attracted to your mysterious side in order to want to know you more. Here are 6 awesome tips to stay mysterious with women.

1. Keep your social circle secret
Do not always give complete information about who you hang out with, talk to or about your colleagues. A woman would always be curious to know about your friends and the people you be with. This would really keep up the mystery.

2. Don’t give clear and simple answers
Women always ask questions and they are curious to get the answers. Give answers in a way that you don’t give out complete information. Let there be something incomplete and missing. This would help you be mysterious with women.

3. Create mystery about your past
A woman would obviously at some point of time would be interested in knowing about your past and previous relationships. Try dogging her questions with your humor and reveal only parts of it.

4. Learn to keep secrets
Don’t give out the information that a woman wants very easily. Don’t leak out secrets and things you know about other people. This would make her realize that you don’t gossip and you are a secret keeper. At the same time it would create mystery and curiosity.

5. Wear a sexy cologne
Sometimes it’s the aura that you have around you that lends you a mysterious appearance. Wear great cologne and draw women towards you rather than being very forward with them. You will get lucky and might get her phone number scratched on a napkin.

6. Be a listener not a talker
Women like men who are open about their feelings and talk freely to them. However, sometimes just listening to them rather than talking about yourself will build her curiosity. You will draw her attention and make her want to see you again, while she waits for you to reveal more of your personality.

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