Saturday, December 12, 2015

6 Ways to Flirt With Your Wife !!

6 Ways to Flirt With Your Wife,man woman love romance

Has the romance from your marriage fizzled out? Has your wife stopped giving you enough attention? Has your married life become boring and monotonous after marriage? You can rekindle the lost romance in your marriage by flirting with your wife. Here are a few ways you can do so.

1. Do things spontaneously
You can keep the romance in your marriage alive and flirt with your wife by doing things without planning them in advance. Take your wife out randomly for a dinner, go for an unplanned weekend getaway or watch a concert without buying tickets in advance. You are likely to have more fun when you do things spontaneously. Your wife will feel happy when she sees that you are the one taking initiative to add spontaneity to your married life.

2. Bring your wife simple but loving gifts
One of the easiest easy ways to flirt with your wife is to bring her simple and small gifts every once in a while. You can bring her something as simple as flowers, a coffee mug or a scarf. The purpose of your gift is to make her feel cared for. To increase the intensity of your flirting, hide the gift in her handbag which she can discover on her way to work. You can also leave the gift in your bedroom so that it brings a smile on your wife’s face when she comes home from work exhausted.

3. Express your love in small ways
Flirting is all about showing a series of small romantic gestures. These gestures become especially important after marriage because both partners tend to take the relationship for granted. You can flirt with your wife by expressing your love in small ways. For example, you can give her a warm hug when she least expects it, make a surprise meal for her or grab her arm and step outside when it is raining heavily.

4. Compliment her romantically
Husbands often forget all about complimenting their wives after they get married. If you too have forgotten this simple yet beautiful way of being romantic with your wife, make conscious efforts to compliment her. Tell her that she is looking awesome even when she is wearing something simple. Compliment her culinary skills even if she has made a simple sandwich for you or send her surprise texts to tell her that she your life amazing.

5. Do all those things that you did while dating your wife
One way of flirting with your wife is trying to revive your dating or courtship phase after your marriage. Take her to visit the same hotspots in the city that you did when you were dating or dress in the same youthful way that you did when you were seeing each other. Do all those things that remind her of the most youthful and romantic phase of her life.

6. Show your affection in public or in front of other friends
Notice how romantic your wife feels when you hold her hand while walking on the street or put an arm around her when you sitting in a restaurant with friends. It will make her gush with pride and happiness. You can be flirty with your wife by showing affection in front of other people. This will give her a message that you want the world to know how much you love her.

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