Saturday, December 12, 2015

8 Chivalrous Acts Women Love !!

8 Chivalrous Acts Women Love man woman eat spoon hearts love romance

chivalrous acts because it makes them feel delicate and feminine. Here are a few chivalrous acts that women would love to see from their men.

1. Offering a jacket when it is cold
Most women would have weak knees if a man offered them a jacket when it is bitterly cold. This implies that they don’t mind tolerating cold for the woman they love. And nothing can be more romantic for a woman that seeing that her man is willing to do anything for her.

2. Opening the door for her
This is one of the most common and traditional acts of chivalry that most women expect from men. Whether it is opening the door of a car, taxi or at a restaurant, women like it when a man shows some manners by being courteous.

3. Not letting her pay anywhere
Whether it is at a restaurant, shopping mall or concert, a chivalrous man will not let a lady pay money when he is around. When a man foots the bills everywhere, it gives the woman an impression that he puts her above money.

4. Having the guts to ask her out directly
There are many different ways that guys can ask girls out. They can do it discretely, through common friends or in front of everybody. But one chivalrous act that women still admire in men is having the guts to ask them out directly. This gives a woman an impression that her man will be honest about his feelings and won’t leave her in the lurch.

5. Asking her for help
While men don’t consider asking women for help to be an act of chivalry, women think the exact opposite. They find it very flattering when their man asks them for help, advice or any kind of knowhow. Many women think that if a man can set aside his ego to ask a woman for her help, he can be a good partner.

6. Giving her compliments
Many men take the chivalrous act of giving a woman compliments, for granted. But this is something that a woman is likely to appreciate and remember fondly. She would like her man to tell her that she looks beautiful, hot or gorgeous.

7. Letting the woman go first
When men say ‘ladies first’ and make way for them, women feel like they are on the top of the world. Women think that this is a trait of a well behaved man who knows how to treat a woman. A man is expected to use this chivalrous act while helping a woman to enter a place or while having a conversation.

8. Understanding the words that are unsaid
Women often leave a lot of things unsaid because they expect men to pick up clues from their facial expressions and body language. In contrast, men often understand only what has been said to them explicitly. When a man understands what a woman is going through and asks her about it, women find it extremely heartwarming and chivalrous.

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