Saturday, December 19, 2015

8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship will be Short-Lived !!!

8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship will be Short-Lived,bad relationship sad man break up divorce man woman fighting

We all love the idea of falling in love at first sight. However, when you jump into relationships a little too quickly, there are chances that you won’t pay heed to some of the warning signs. Know that every relationship has a honeymoon period and this honeymoon period has an expiry date. What is important is how you deal with each other after the honeymoon period. We give you some of the red flags that might mean that you are in a relationship that is short-lived.

1. If she is a drama-queen
If your partner moves from one extreme emotion to another, then it will be very difficult for the two of you to sustain a healthy relationship. Women who are self-proclaimed drama queens require undivided attention all the time. If they find their life too boring, they will just cook up controversies. Though you may find them very attractive at the onset of the relationship, you may end up feeling miserable after a while.

2. If she is dishonest with you
Trust is extremely essential in any relationship. If your partner lies about little things then do not take this lightly. This may not seem like a red flag in the beginning but soon she will be lying about things that really matter. If you cannot trust each other, then your relationship will not last long.

3. If she requires constant pampering
Even women deserves to be pampered. However, if you are in a relationship with someone who requires and “demands” pampering all the time, then you will not be able to sustain the connection for too long. Such a relationship can prove very exhausting and can cause the love and respect to die.

4. If she does not forgive easily
If you often find her bringing up old fights every time you two argue, then it is a cause for worry. It is an indication that she is unable to forgive and forget. No matter how much you change yourself for the better, you will be constantly reminded of how you wronged her in the past. The chances of such a relationship lasting for a long time are really less.

5. If she is horrible to your friends
It is not just about how you are with each other. It is equally important that your partner should be good with those who matter to you. If you constantly find her having unnecessary arguments with your friends and loved ones, then such conflicts are eventually bound to start interfering with your happiness.

6. If she says bad things about all her exes
If you often find your girlfriend saying negative things about her ex-boyfriends then this could be a red flag. First, it is an indication that she blames not herself but her boyfriends for the way things ended between them. This is a sign that she finds it hard to take responsibility. Secondly, irrespective of whose fault it is, she will be saying bad things about you as well if you guys break things off.

7. If you do not share any core values
It does not matter if you two are poles apart, as long as you have similar core values. if you realize that you and your girlfriend were brought up on totally different values, then it is an indication that the relationship might not last long. You both will soon have arguments about every important decision that you need to make.

8. If she makes regular comparisons
If you often find your partner comparing you to others’ boyfriends, then this could prove fatal for the relationship. Comparisons, whether positive or negative, are totally unfair. You will feel exhausted as you will be constantly trying to match up to her expectations.

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