Friday, December 18, 2015

10 Dating Tips for Introverted Guys !!

10 Dating Tips for Introverted Guys,man woman love romance attraction passion like each other

All of us want someone to love. But what if a guy is short on confidence, or he is used to being either alone or in the company of a few like-minded friends? Introverts may not be overly fond of noisy parties and may feel left out in social settings. They might not be very confident about their people skills and seem withdrawn and silent. But that doesn’t mean an introvert isn’t interested in dating or finding a soul mate. If you feel hesitant about asking a girl out on a date, or get nervous when talking to a girl, here are some dating tips which might help you get out of your shell.

1.Online dating
Online dating can be a first step to meeting someone you would like to know better. If you are shy, but witty, online dating can be a boon. You can create a nice profile and when you meet someone online, you can interact through writing, which will take some pressure off you. Once you get to know the girl/woman, you can meet face-to-face. Remember to use your sense of humor – it’s something all girls love!

2.Volunteer for community services
Sometimes volunteering for community services like a church sale, Red Cross or homeless shelters can help you meet someone. If you are both doing this kind of work, there will be plenty of opportunities to break the ice and go on from there.

3.Join hobby classes
Joining any kind of hobby or study class would be a great way to meet girls. You already know that both of you like that particular hobby, so it is easier to strike up a conversation in such places. Use the relaxed atmosphere of your class to talk to the girl you are interested in.

4.Take help from friends and relatives
Your friends circle and family know you well. They might be helpful in arranging for you to meet girls who share your thoughts, and if you meet a girl in relaxed surroundings that make you comfortable, like your home or a friend’s place, it would be easier for you to initiate a conversation. You can even go on a group date with your friends to help break the ice.

5.Plan where to go
Take the girl to see a movie or a show. Maybe she likes museums. Do things which both of you enjoy. This will make you feel more comfortable. It’s also a great idea to take her somewhere you think she might really like, but has never visited before like a planetarium or an art gallery. Places like these are conversation starters in themselves.

6.Don’t put on a false front
Be honest about yourself. Don’t try to put on an act. If the relationship is to survive, it must be based on truth. Also don’t forget that if the girl is going to stick with you, she should like you for who you are.

7.Try to make your date comfortable
There will obviously be some awkwardness on the first date. Talk about the awkwardness you are feeling and if there are a few silent moments, accept them as normal and try to laugh about it.

8.Don’t drink too much
Sometimes nervousness might cause you to over indulge. Keep control over your intake or you might end up making a fool of yourself. Alcohol isn’t always the answer to smooth dates.

9. Don’t stress
Staying calm and having fun is very important! Remember that sometimes even the most outgoing people get nervous on dates. It’s normal to feel nervous, but don’t let it ruin the experience of getting to know someone else. Try to relax. Dating is about having a good time, not about writing an exam!

10. Believe in yourself
This point can’t be stressed enough. No matter how introverted you are, you need to believe in who you are. Everyone deserves to be in a happy relationship and everyone is unique in their own way. Believe in your abilities, your personality and most of all in the fact that there will be someone who will realize how great you are.

Remember, once you overcome the initial discomfort, and don’t get stressed out, then dating can be very satisfying.

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