Saturday, December 19, 2015

8 Things a Girl Expects on a First Date !!

8 Things a Girl Expects on a First Date , man woman drink coffee holding cups love romance attraction

The very elusive first date is a lot like your job interview. You have the jitters, you are unaware of what the result is going to be and you try hard to impress in order to emerge successful. While some men are a natural and get an A+, others struggle to even brush past the first look. Knowing the basic things a woman expects can get you through a first date with relative ease.

There is a lot that is said and done about punctuality. Make sure you are always on time for a date. Don’t keep the lady waiting. Especially on the first date when impressions really count. Show up early if need be!

2.A well-dressed date
As tempting as it may sound for you to jump to the date venue straight from bed, resist the temptation. Dressing casually or formally is a choice you can make but dress decently. Clean up well and dress to impress. A man that looks good and smells well instantly creates several tick offs on a woman’s list.

3.A small gift
She might feel shy about the gift but she will adore the thought you’ve put into it. And when she gets back home, she is going to look at it and smile. Get her something simple like chocolates or a red rose. If you have known her for a while, though, you can make the gift more personal.

4.A beautiful place
While planning a first date, it is important for both of you to feel comfortable and therefore the place and ambiance play a huge role. Ask her to suggest a place or if she puts the question back to you, make sure you take her to a well ventilated, safe and beautiful place. Dark, dingy places are not the ones for the first dates. Make sure the woman is safe and comfortable in order to spend some time with you.

Any woman loves a compliment but how much is a number you’ve got to decide. Going overboard will make you look sleazy but don’t be stingy with your compliments either. Make appropriate comments like ‘I love your hairstyle’ or if she is wearing a purple colored outfit, tell her that ‘Purple looks beautiful on you’. Whatever be the compliment, make sure you are genuine about it and that you don’t make her uncomfortable.

6.Holding her gaze
Women always love it when a man looks her in her eyes and talks. Don’t let your sight wander to other parts of her body. Women can feel peering glances even when they aren’t looking at you, so watch out. Look but don’t stare and nod but not every time.

7. A good listener
Equally important is a good listener. Don’t try to boast about what you’ve achieved or throw around your money. You will only come across as self-involved. Instead try to get the woman to talk. Listen to what she has to say and speak when the moment presents itself. All women love good listeners. And if you do this, you are sure to catch her attention!

8.Basic etiquette
Although the girl you’ve taken on a date may say that she isn’t too hung up on etiquette, she is actually watching for it. A woman may give the big things a skip but she will focus on the little things. Chewing with your mouth closed or using foul language are all things that she is a silent witness to. So men, if you want to impress; watch out for your body language and mannerisms.

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