Saturday, December 19, 2015

5 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Go Weak in the Knees !!

5 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Go Weak in the Knees, man surprising woman girl gift present blind her eyes covering birthday

The dating scenario may have changed off late, but women love men who man up and take the initiative. Going the old school way, where the guy takes the initiative, is fun and women love it. Here are 5 ways to make your girlfriend go weak in the knees.

1. Be a gentleman
If you want your girlfriend to go weak in the knees, you need to put in some efforts. Behave like a true gentleman. Take care of her needs, pamper her, do small things for her and keep reminding her that you care. Hold the door for her, pull the chair for her and do it genuinely. Your true and genuine behavior will make her go crazy for you.

2. Surprise her and be unpredictable
What is the fun in knowing everything in advance? If you want to express your love and feelings for her, do it in an unpredictable way. Plan out surprise dates at different locations. Surprise her when she is least expecting it. She will surely go weak in the knees.

3. Don’t shy away
A woman would love it if her man would express his feelings clearly. Find your own way and style to do it. Add your personal touch and show that you love her. Your courage and the fact that you never shy away from expressing yourself will make her love you even more.

4. Notice and observe
No matter how long you have been with your girlfriend, it is important to observe the small details. The fact that you notice small changes and difference in her style, hair, clothes and the likes will make her happy and will make her realize that you actually care.

5. Express your love through touch
Don’t stop or feel shy to hold her hands and walk when out on a date. Hold her in your arms, give her a hug when you feel like. These are ways to express without words and yet say a lot. These sudden, unexpected gestures will surely make her go weak in the knees.

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