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20 Things that Make Women Happy !!!

20 Things that Make Women Happy,girl flowers roses holding pocket

Bringing a smile on your girl’s face is not a difficult feat as much as it seems or is talked. Every women will be happy with the little and simple things that you do for her. These are neither expensive nor difficult. So it is not as hard as you think it is. Listed here are some things that make women happy.

1. Message her
Leave her a pleasant love message at times especially when she least expects it. This could be as text to her number or an email or even a voice SMS.

2. Make her feel important
Let her know in your own way that she is priority to you. This does not mean that you forego your pleasures. Simply make her feel important as you engage in things that are exclusive to you either verbally or even by gestures.

3. Tell her she looks nice
Women love compliments and it doesn’t take much to pass her one. A simple one such as “it’s so beautiful that your smile reaches your eyes” or “you still look as lovely as you were when I first saw you” is more than sufficient to make her feel on top of the world.

4. Make her your confidante
Share your feelings, thoughts, emotions and stories with her. She loves to hear them. Make her your confidante and she will remain your best friend forever.

5. Ask her what she needs
Ask her if she needs anything. Don’t wait for her to ask you. It is important for you to take care of the person who takes care of you and your family. It makes her feel that you are pitching in and are sincere in your efforts towards the family and her.

6. Be honest
If there is something that you think or feel, talk about it to her. There is nothing more fatal in a relationship than a hidden truth. Most women appreciate when their men share their feelings with them. A bond of trust is established when your relationship is sans secrets.

7. Treat her in a similar manner
Treat your woman the same way around friends and family as you would do when you are alone with her. Maintaining a distance with her or not involving her in family conversations is not man enough and if you really care for her, then others’ opinions and thoughts should not really matter.

8. Care for her when she is ill
When your girl is ill or down and depressed, give her a little rub and massage. A little tender love and care and giving her the luxury of some lone time to relax will mean a lot to your woman.

9. Encourage her career and ambition
If she has big ambitions, support her. Show that you respect her feelings and appreciate her work. Take a little time off your schedule to spend with her when she talks about her work or what happened at the workplace. Be genuinely interested to listen to them.

10. Go for date nights regularly
Every once in a while, take her out on a lovely date at a place that you both enjoy. Do not come across as a man who will not spend. A lovely candlelight dinner and a beautiful dress as a gift will mean a lot to her.

11. Stick to your word
When you have given her your word, stick to it unless there is a dire need not to. Women hate it when you promise them something and don’t deliver to it.

12. Respect her feelings
She is every inch a human as you are. She has feelings of tiredness, depression, anxiety, laziness, illness, temptations and desires as much you do. If you want your feelings and emotions to be respected, then you must learn to give it back.

13. Help around
Remember that your girl is no superwoman. She has not been blessed differently to handle everything at work and home. So pitch in as frequently as possible to help her complete her chores. Not only will the task be interesting but your girl will begin to treat you like a king. Set the table or take care of those toys strewn around instead of waiting for her to come and do it.

14. Cook for her
Cooking a meal can be a boring job for you. But at least once in a while, make a surprise dinner for her. This is thanks in return for all the lovely dishes she makes for you.

15. Touch her with love
Women love to be touched. Holding her waist or her hand as you walk with her is something she will cherish. Give her your jacket if you are outside and it is windy. Laugh with her and hug her and she will show you a world that you have never experienced before.

16. Be there for her
Being there does not just mean the physical presence. Connect to her emotionally and make her feel wanted.

17. Practice chivalry
Chivalry is always liked by women and that does not just hold good to yours. Open doors for her, hold heavy luggage for her, take control of a tough situation and stand up for her when people belittle her.

18. Treat her like a responsible person
If you expect her to handle a thousand other things on her own, then you cannot conveniently cut her off in situations as you like. Include her in decisions and have a consensus on all important things in your life.

19. Show your romantic side to her quite often
As men grow older, they think being romantic with their wives is ridiculous or worse still is a fantasy. Romance is not just sex. It can be as simple as holding hands or looking straight into her eyes with love or surprising her with something that she adores. There is no age for romance and if something can nurture and better your relationship and does not cost you anything, what can the harm be in trying it?

20. Let her know that she is loved
Finally and most importantly, let her know that she is loved. ‘I love you’ and ‘My heart is so full of love for you’ is not enough. Show it.

A husband and wife need not stick to the usual rut of the relationship. Making your partner your best friend is perhaps the best kind of companionship to uphold.

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