Wednesday, December 2, 2015

8 Signs Your Girlfriend has Emotional Baggage !!!

8 Signs Your Girlfriend has Emotional Baggage,sad woman bad relationship unhappy couple breakup divorce

We all have some kind of baggage and one of the most common baggage that we all carry is emotional baggage. Every time a relationship ends on a bad note, we are left we a number of unresolved issues and unchecked emotions. This could wreck our future relationships as well. Know that instead of simply judging the women because of her emotional baggage, you must deal with such situations with extreme love, patience, and understanding. We give you some of the signs that may indicate that the girl you are dating has emotional baggage.

1. She has a number of pre-conceived notions
If your girlfriend has fixed notions about some aspects of the relationship, then it could mean that she has some emotional baggage. There may be something that is an absolute no-no for her. For instance, she may insist that you always be the one to say sorry, irrespective of whose fault it is. Also, she may get ticked off by things that might seem completely normal to others. This simply goes on to show that in her previous relationships, she has faced a lot of emotional trauma and thus has several pre-conceived notions of how a relationship should and should not be.

2. She displays extreme emotions
A woman who has emotional baggage may display extreme emotions. One aspect of this is that she may keep all her feelings and emotions bottled up. Any attempt at having a heartfelt conversation with her might end in a disaster. Another aspect of this could be that she is extremely unpredictable about her emotional outbursts. You may see a number of mood swings. This is a sign that your girlfriend has a lot of unresolved emotional conflicts or issues in her past.

3. She is scared of being dependent on someone
Women who have a lot of emotional baggage tend to avoid being dependent on their boyfriends. This could include emotional dependency, financial dependency, and more. They are too scared of getting used to having someone in their life as it could cause them extreme hurt if the person left them in the future. So, to avoid such heartbreaks, they stay away from having any type of dependency on their boyfriends.

4. She has compulsive habits
If your girlfriend has a number of compulsive habits, then it could be a sign of emotional baggage. Such habits may include excessive eating, smoking, drinking, or more. It could be a sign that she is trying to compensate for some unchecked emotion by indulging in compulsive habits.

5. She does not let you into her past
If your girlfriend is extremely secretive about her past, then it could mean that she has a lot of emotional baggage. Such women do not let others into their past and any discussion or inquiry about their previous relationships would yield no results. They either try to avoid the question, or start avoiding you.

6. She seems scared of making a commitment
Women who carry emotional baggage are usually commitment-phobic. This is usually because they have had such bad relationship experiences in the past that they feel scared to associate themselves with another man. If you feel that the woman you wish to date or are dating has not let you in completely, is holding back, or is constantly building walls around her, then it could mean that she has emotional baggage.

7. She has trust issues
If your girlfriend is carrying emotional baggage, then it would not be easy for her to trust you completely. You may find her being over-possessive or highly insecure. In extreme cases, she may keep on checking your phone or your e-mails to ensure that you are not cheating on her. Such behavior is often indicative of the fact that she has had boyfriends in the past who were not loyal to the relationship.

8. She has no social past
Women who have a lot of emotional baggage usually end up having no long-term friends and a hard-to-trace social past. This shows that in order to forget the trauma that she suffered in her previous relationships, she has had to cut old ties, make new friends, and change her social circle. Such a social pattern in an indication that your girlfriend is trying to forget something bad that happened in her past.

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