Wednesday, December 2, 2015

6 Tips to be Free Around Your Girlfriend !!

6 Tips to be Free Around Your Girlfriend,man woman happy couple love romance

In a relationship you need to free and comfortable around your partner. You need to create a strong bond, a level of trust and understanding. This is how you will be able to be close to your partner in all ways. Here are 6 tips to be free around your girlfriend.

1. Confide in her
It is very important to trust your partner in order to be free around her. You need to trust her and you need to make sure that she trusts you equally. It happens gradually but you need to put in efforts. Once you start trusting her, you would feel free around her.

2. Share your feelings
If you want to come close to someone and share an emotional bond, then you need to let out your feelings. If you share your feelings with your partner, the comfort level and understanding increases. This would help you feel free around her.

3. Discuss your troubles and problems
It is easy to share your happiness but it is difficult to let out your troubles and problems. You should let out all your troubles openly; this will increase the comfort level. She will be able to understand you better and will support you.

4. Communicate with her
If the communication is not strong enough, then there is a certain gap between the two partners. This gap would create awkwardness and distance. Communicate as much as you can to come close and be free with each other.

5. Spend sufficient time with each other
It is important that you spend good quality time with your partner in order to be close to each other. Spending time will help creating a comfort zone and closeness between the two. You will get used to her and being around her and so you will be able to be free around her.

6. Don’t shut her out
When you feel she has hurt or offended you or you are going through a rough phase, it is not going to help if you turn away, distance yourself and shut her out. It will only affect your relationship and she will end up making different assumptions.

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