Friday, December 4, 2015

5 Ways to Know When Flirting Becomes Cheating !!

5 Ways to Know When Flirting Becomes Cheating,man cheat on woman wife

Marriage is a pious relationship and every couple invests best of their efforts to keep the sanctity of it. However, like every relation, there comes a time in every married couple’s life when they feel that they have nothing new to offer to each other or owing to their busy schedules, they fail to communicate. At that time, spending time with a friend of opposite sex, or small chit-chat can be helpful. Problem occurs when you start looking forward to these chit-chat sessions even without realizing it. This friend could be an online mate, coworker, or an old friend. A little flirting, gentle bantering outside your marriage is not a serious issue unless you fail to maintain boundaries. If you cross the line, you may have to face serious consequences. Hence, we’ve listed down some ways to know when flirting becomes cheating.

1. You are hiding it from your spouse
If he/she is just a friend and everything is normal between you people, why not introduce her to your better half. You would only hide it if you are guilty of something.

2. You have a sexual motive in mind
You talk to someone when you are attracted to them. Marriage cannot take away your basic nature. Are you talking to this person because you are looking for more than friendship?

3. You are feeding your fantasies
Does talking to this person satisfy your sexual fantasies or something else. You say you flirt in a healthy way, but does this flirting goes far when no one else is around?

4. You spend a lot of time talking with this person
When you are in office, you stay together. You commute together. When you come home and are with your partner, even then the texting is on. You guys just cannot get enough of each other. This is an alarming sign that you are getting used to this person’s company.

5. Your friend tells you to watch your step
This is a sure shot sign to notice if your friend has raised that red flag. You certainly need to put limitation on your budding relationship. You might not rationalize it but your friends can see how this person is charming your wits out.

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