Wednesday, December 2, 2015

4 Reasons Why Girls Prefer the Alpha Male !!

4 Reasons Why Girls Prefer the Alpha Male,couple man woman love like attraction

An alpha male is a crude, sexy, desirable, ridiculously successful man who gets everything done, even before he claps his hands. Girls seem to be absolutely crazy about him. Want to know why? Check out these reasons why girls prefer the alpha mal.

1. He can be spotted amid a crowd
An alpha male is like the leader of a group. In a group, you can easily spot this guy, who will be drop dead gorgeous, wealthy, on ease with himself. Girls like attention and so they are fond of guys who get it without having to do anything. That’s the reason why all girls around the alpha male will be throwing themselves at him to get his attention, even without him trying hard.

2. He can take control of a situation
Girls like men who know how to take control of a situation. An assertive and aggressive man would always be a yes for a girl unlike beta males, who act submissive around their love interest. Girls like to be independent and want someone who is appreciative of them, unlike a beta man who submits to every demand of theirs.

3. He is ambitious and aggressive
Girls want a man who is possessive, gets easily jealous, who is bad but good just for them. An alpha male is capable to make his own decisions and rarely turns his back. He is clear on what he wants from life and goals are well defined. It is no secret that girls like men who are ambitious, achievers and push themselves beyond limit.

4. He shields his soft interior with a hard exterior
An alpha male is not only comfortable in his skin but also he treats his ladylove above every woman in his life. Women love compliments and attention and to be showered with gifts, an alpha male certainly has no dearth for either of them. He may not be expressive but romantic by heart and when he shows his love, this could make girls go week in their knees.

The best trait of alpha males is they do not talk in signs, they say what they want straight and like to be told so.

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