Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 Crazy Ways to Surprise Her !!

5 Crazy Ways to Surprise Her,breakfast in bed man bring food to a woman juice

Giving surprises to your partner always gives great pleasure; to see the look on her face and to make her happy feels great. There should be surprises with or without reasons. Giving 5 crazy surprises randomly is so much fun and exciting. Find out new ways to give crazy surprises or use some old school fun ideas for a change. Listed here are some crazy ways to surprise her.

1. Pen down your feelings
It is very rare that couples write love letters to each other because modes of communication have changed drastically of late. Nothing can be compared to a personalized, handwritten letter which is full of emotions and feeling. Reading such a letter would be a great feeling. To make it more interesting, hide the letters in different places, give clues, take help of her friends and coworkers to hide and give her hints.

2. Plan a surprise trip
What would be crazier than randomly taking your girlfriend for a short surprise trip? Just plan a short weekend, inform her right before leaving and don’t tell her about the location. Tell her that it is a surprise and go to a romantic place and spend some quality time.

3. Drop in at her workplace
Try to enquire if your girlfriend is not very busy, then just suddenly drop in at her workplace. Take her out for lunch or just carry a quick take away meal and eat while taking a short drive. Take some dessert or ice cream on the way. It feels so good to spend time with your partner by taking a short break from your hectic work.

4. Do some unusual activity
Instead of surprising her with something regular, or with romantic cheesy things, do something unusual. Plan some adventure sport activity like paragliding, rappelling, water sports, and parachute ride in some nearby area. This would be a crazy and unusual surprise.

5. Plan a love treasure hunt
Hide small gifts in various places that your girlfriend likes. Give her a set of instructions and clues to find every gift and finally let her reach to you to get a bigger present. This is a fun way to surprise and involve her into the activity.

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