Wednesday, December 2, 2015

5 Benefits of Living the Single Life !!

5 Benefits of Living the Single Life,handsome man laughing happy

Admit it, at times we all feel the need to be in a relationship. Mostly, when we see a happy couple around us. But are they always that happy? Could be yes or could be no. The point is that no matter how much a failure you consider yourself for still being single, the fact is that there is nothing better than being single. Well, relationships do have their advantages, but being single has its advantages too. Here are 5 benefits of living the single life.

1. There is no chance of a heartbreak
Somebody once said, “the main cause of divorce is marriage.” Similarly, the main cause of heartbreak is a relationship. Mind you, do not take a heartbreak as a joke. While it may be something casual for some people, there are many who’s life gets totally wrecked from a heartbreak. People may go into severe depression and are never able to revive from it. Being single will keep you safe from that.

2. You can pursue your career
Many a times, people have to choose between career and relationship. To keep one alive, they have to sacrifice the other. If you’re single, you never have to worry about that. You can always aim to fulfill your childhood dream, and if that means becoming an astronomer and spending half of your life in space, so be it. There is no one to stop you.

3. You get enough time with friends
Not intending to blame the girls here, but usually girls dislike their boyfriend’s friends. It is quite understandable too. After all, guys are guys. But this is exactly why guys love their friends so much. The happiness and joy they feel with their friends can never be replaced by anyone else. Being single, you can have all time you want with your friends and you don’t have to give any explanation or excuse to anyone.

4. You can pursue some guy hobbies
Most guys have certain hobbies which hardly any girl would understand. Two things at the top of this list would be motorcycle stunt riding and video gaming. Most girls hate these two things, and a guy would give his life for these two. Being single, all you have to worry about is how to win a boss battle, and not a battle with your girlfriend. You can have fun and indulge in your hobbies as often as you want to.

5. You save money
Being single is really economic. This does not make you a miser, but it is you who needs to save for your future. There is so much of unnecessary expenditure when you’re in a relationship, whereas if you’re single, you can save all that hard earned money for things that you really want to get, or for the long run of your life.

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