Wednesday, December 2, 2015

4 Tips for Making Her More Romantic !!

4 Tips for Making Her More Romantic,man woman love each other holding hands

In a relationship, it is not necessary that both the partners are equally romantic, one of them always takes the lead. There are times when partners need to actually open up to each other completely, for the romantic side to come out and show. If your partner is not very romantic or has stopped being romantic, you need to figure out ways to make her more romantic. Here are 4 ways to make her more romantic.

1. Don’t stop being romantic
If you want her to be more romantic, then let her face the challenge. Be as romantic as you can, surprise her, make her happy without any reason. This would always make her feel to do the same for you, be romantic and treat you in a special way.

2. Give her the chance
If you keep taking the initiative to be romantic, then she would never get the opportunity to do something for you. Just ask her to amaze you and show her romantic side. Tell her that she can take the lead to plan out a romantic date or any other romantic thing that she could think of. She would surely accept the opportunity and try to do something surprising and romantic.

3. Set the mood
Once you create and set a very romantic mood and drive her into it completely, then let it go with the flow. If you have taken the step, then take a step behind and let her continue the romance. Once you have gotten her into the romantic mood, she would surely continue being in the moment and show her romantic side.

4. Tell her what you want
Sometimes you really need to tell your partner about your feelings and expectations. You don’t need to pressurize your partner, be smart and talk her into it. Tell her that if she shows her romantic side, then she would get a lot more in return. Give her a tempting offer, one that she cannot resist.

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