Wednesday, December 2, 2015

6 Types of Women You Meet on Online Dating Sites !!

6 Types of Women You Meet on Online Dating Sites,man use laptop computer internet addiction

Online dating is surely fun if you know the right way to do it. There are many types of women you would come across while dating. Some will be extra sweet and some desperate for your attention. So, read on to know about some types of women you might meet on dating sites.

1. Constant blabber type
This type would never let you talk in between. She would constantly keep chatting and talking to you. Once you get introduced, just sit back and relax. She would do all the talking. This type can be fun if you are new to the whole online dating scenario. She could also teach you something about dating.

2. Complete attention type
She would vie to get your attention all the time. In fact not only you, this type of women want everyone’s attention. This type normally believes in show-off. She would chat and flirt with other men and you at the same time. All she wants is that everyone keeps complimenting her on her looks. Watch out for her if you are dating online.

3. Physical attention type
Beware of this type of woman, because she is vying for her physical needs. You heard that right; she might be a cheap escort who wants to have sex with you. She would chat with you nicely for the first time. The second time, she would ask you to meet her up and have sex. She is only interested in physical fun. It is your call whether you want to fall for her or not?

4. Commitment phobic type
She would chat with you and ask you for marriage. She is the commitment type! If she tells you that she wishes to find true love and wants to settle down, you know what she wants. This type of woman is rather serious in her needs. She is not dating for fun. She is dating to settle down in her life. She will ask you to meet, get married and have children. Decide for yourself!

5. Not attractive type
She might be rejected so she is trying her luck online. She might not be so good in looks. She will not reveal her true display picture in her first two to three chats. She will ignore the topic of beauty. Be assured, she is not that beautiful. Who knows she might be good at heart!

6. Social fun type
She is the one who is good in looks, intelligent and has a good job. She is the social type! Casual dating with her is good as she may fit the bill. She may hang out with you and give you company. However, her nature depends on the seriousness she shows.

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