Wednesday, December 16, 2015

8 Reasons Why the No Contact Rule Works !!

8 Reasons Why the No Contact Rule Works , man woman sitting on park bench garden breakup divorce break heart

Breakups are never easy and letting go is the hardest part. However, it is vital that you do your best to cut away from the person who has caused you the pain. We give you a number of reasons why it helps to follow the no contact rule.

1. Makes you stronger
When you have been completely in love with someone, it is hard to imagine not to have her in your life anymore. However, if you do not stay in contact with her after the break up, you’ll realize that you have been under-estimating yourself. The world around you will continue to follow its old rhythm and soon, you too will find it easy to not be dependent on her for love, happiness, and care.

2. A chance to think
After a messy breakup, you sometimes lose track of what is right and what is wrong. Being disconnected from the women you love will give you some much-needed alone time to re-evaluate your relationship. It will give you a chance to clear your head and just be with yourself. You will also get an understanding of what went wrong and what should be your next course of action.

3. Gives your partner a chance to miss you
If you feel in your heart that the relationship can be salvaged, then this rule can help you a lot. Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we forget to give each other space and end up suffocating the other person. This will give her a chance to miss you and realize your importance in her life.

4. Gets you out of the on-off relationship
If after a breakup you continue being in touch with each other, it will keep giving you hope that the love might get rekindled. However, being in such an on-again, off-again relation can really mess with your head and negatively affect your overall well-being.

5. Eases the pain
Talking to your ex time and again or being in touch with her life will make it all the more difficult for you to forget all the hurt that the break-up caused you. You will be constantly dragged in that hole where you can do nothing but feel bad about the way things are. It will not help ease the pain and will in fact make it turn worse.

6. A way to get your life back in order
While you were in a relationship with that woman, you might have ignored some of the other important relationships in your life. There may be commitments that you made to your loved ones and yourself that you failed to keep. Before you met her, you might have had several plans for your life. With the no contact rule, you will get the time to calm your head and put your life back together.

7. Helps you move on
If you continue to talk to your ex, you will never be able to feel love for another woman. Breaking away from your past relationship is the first step to moving on to another. You need to not find love right away but at the very least you will be emotionally prepared to fall in love again.

8. Strengthens your current romantic relationship
If you do manage to find love again, it will only hurt your current love interest if you keep in constant touch with your ex. It will eventually ruin your current relationship and you will be exactly where you were when you broke up with your ex. Unless you give someone a chance to fill your life with love again, you will not be able to start the process of healing yourself.

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