Wednesday, December 16, 2015

6 Signs She is a Player !!

6 Signs She is a Player woman girl love man romance sleeping with guy

Are you dating a woman who is a player by nature? How will you know that she is not interested in you? What will you do if she is just using you? Well, there are some signs to know that she is a player, read on.

1. Proof of lies
If she lies to her friends and family, then this is a red flag for you. She can never be honest in a relationship, if she lies about everything and anything. She may well lie about her affair too. What if she is two timing you? Do not fall for her false claims of love, because she is playing with you.

2. Sexual attraction
If she is a player, then she would do every possible thing to attract you sexually. She would wear revealing clothes, she would make flirty advances. She will take you into confidence. When her purpose is over, she may back out. Yes! You heard it right; she may back out when you are all ready for the act. That is the true sign of a player.

3. Practical nature
If she is a player, naturally she would have a practical approach towards life. Had she been emotional, then she would have to give her time and dedication in a new relationship. If you discuss some serious stuff with her, and she seems cold, then she is a player. She cares a damn about what you think of her. Her only purpose is to get into a new relationship and get out of it easily.

4. Flirty and teasing
If her approach towards men is flirty, then this is a red flag for you. If she keeps flirting with other men or even teases them, then she is definitely not interested in you. Being with you also, she would keep making a pass at other men around. This reveals her true flirty nature.

5. Company of male friends
If she is a player by nature, then she might not have many female friends. If she has male friends, then she is playing a smart game. She is making use of her male friends or maybe getting things done by them. This is a classic sign of a female player. She can also use you for her interest!

6. She is demanding
If she keeps on demanding things from you without reason, then she is interested in materialistic stuff. She may not value the love which you have for her. She is a player who wants to be with as many men as possible.

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