Tuesday, December 15, 2015

6 Signs You are Not Ready for Sex !!

6 Signs You are Not Ready for Sex,man guy handsome wearing underwear white thinking confused sad

Everyone, regardless of men or women wants to know what sex feels like. You’re curious and know that you want it but are you ready for it? For some men it is emotionally deep and meaningful while for some it might just be with any girl in the moment. There is also pressure around you that if other guys have had it, why haven’t you. Here are 6 signs you are not ready for sex.

1. You want to do it because everyone else is doing it
Guys think it’s cool to get into a girl’s pants. Perhaps all the guys around you are raving about how great last night was and you see them becoming an overnight stud. But you may not be like other guys. If you want sex, don’t let others pressure you into it. Sexual desire arising out of peer pressure shows that you’re not ready for it.

2. You don’t know your sexual partner well enough
You want to do it so you are randomly looking for women, on a dating website, or you ask your friend to hook you up with someone. If you don’t know the girl, it can be very difficult to get comfortable, especially if it’s your first time. For all you know, you could be at the risk of getting STDs.

3. You haven’t had proper sex education
The first time you do it; you don’t want to knock up the girl, do you? Aside from pregnancy, sex is an art. You need to do it right to enjoy it and also understand how your body and the female body works which includes knowledge about orgasms and understanding the needs of your partner. It’s true that practice makes man perfect, but theoretical knowledge is equally important.

4. You are doing this to recover from a past wound
Are you hurting because your girlfriend cheated on you? Have you had your heart stomped on and don’t know how to deal with it? Going on a sexual roll will only damage you emotionally. Don’t use sex as a mode of therapy.

5. You’re interested in revenge
You want to get back at her for dumping you, so you sleep with someone she cares about. It sure will shake her up but what good will it do to you? Revenge sex may leave you feeling awful and it’s worse, if this happens to be your first time with a woman.

6. You are unsure of what you want
Make sure you and your partner want the same things. If you’re looking for casual sex and she is looking for intimacy, you need to be honest with her and yourself. If you don’t understand what you want from a sexual relationship, then perhaps you’re not r

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