Tuesday, December 15, 2015

6 Inexpensive Gifts for Girls !!

6 Inexpensive Gifts for Girls, man gave woman present gift birthday surprise

Fulfilling the needs, especially of a high maintenance girlfriend can sometimes become very heavy on the pockets. You need to figure out and plan out smart and inexpensive gifting options. When you are dating you obviously spend more; when you go on dates and you give gifts to your girlfriend on various occasions so you can’t afford to spend exorbitantly each time. To cut down on your expenses here 6 are inexpensive gifting ideas.

1. Handmade photo album
What would be a better gift for your girlfriend than a handmade book of your memories together? Make a nice looking book which would consist of your photos and fun filled moments together. Write short messages everywhere, remind her of the wonderful times and show her that you love her. This would be a gift full of emotions and not even expensive.

2. Cosmetic kit
Collect a few cosmetics that would fit in your budget, like a nice shade of nail paint, liner, mascara, etc., anything that would be affordable. Then wrap it beautifully and gift it to her. This would be an inexpensive, thoughtful and useful gift.

3. Chocolates can never go wrong
You can never go wrong with chocolates as gifting options. You must be aware of the kinds of chocolates she likes, so go and pick up chocolates according to your budget, get it wrapped well and gift it to her.

4. A book that she would like
You could give her a book that she has wanted to buy or any new book of her favorite genre. This would be thoughtful of you; you could even buy a second hand book but which is still in good condition. You could write a small love message inside to add your personal touch.

5. A miniature gift kit
Buy all small things that she likes make a kit and gift it. For example, a small pack of cookies, chocolates, mini body splash, fragrant mini soaps, a few flowers, a small soft toy, etc. It’s the entire packaging that can make it look more special.

6. Write a poem for her
Words are the best gift you can give someone you love. A set of self-composed poems either recorded on a CD or handwritten will be her priceless possession. Who needs an expensive gift then?

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