Tuesday, December 15, 2015

6 Men Rumored to have Dated Kate Upton !!

6 Men Rumored to have Dated ,Kate Upton,blonde beautiful girl hot attractive

American supermodel and actress Kate Upton is known for her sexy poses and appearances on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She is popular for having dated men even those out of showbiz. Here is a list of 6 men rumored to have dated Kate Upton.

1. Kanye West
She was rumored to have dated Kanye West when he was spotted secretly visiting the busty model during Victoria Secrets VIP swimsuit event. They were also seen several times flirting and holding hands. However, when asked about their blooming romanced, Kate declined.

2. Mark Sanchez
A little birdie had also once spread word about an affair between New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Kate. He was spotted seeing her in her apartment with flowers, gifts and chocolates. Apparently they met through her older sister who worked at the JETS.

3. Justin Verlander
Rumor had it that Valentine’s holiday was not such a sweet surprise for Kate and Justin when the cupid struck them down. They were spotted often together before and also apparently their families were aware of their brewing relationship. However, when asked to confirm Kate declined stating that she is currently single.

4. Sean “Diddy” Combs
After having clearly announced her single status and the end of her relationship with Justin Verlander, a month later she was spotted with Sean “Diddy” Combs at Club LIV in Miami beach. They even partied although the night and were also openly kissing in the club.

5. Sean Faris
Known for his popular role in The King of Fighters, Sean Faris was rumored to have dated Kate. However, their relationship was short-lived and perhaps did not last for more than a day. However many other sources confirm that they dated for months and even decided to get engaged but realized it would threaten their career at this stage.

6. Blake Griffin
It was all over the news when NBA star Blake Griffin and Kate were rumored to be dating. Upton does have fine taste for sportsmen. She was spotted several times kissing and holding hands with Blake. They were also seen cuddling at Beauty and Essex in New York.

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