Tuesday, December 15, 2015

5 Annoying First Date Conversations !!

5 Annoying First Date Conversations,woman girl bite her lips confused

First dates are never easy since you both are trying to understand each other. Furthermore, things can get really messy if you do not know what exactly to talk about. We give you a list of topics that you should not bring up during your first date.

1. Talking about the ex
It is not a very good idea to bring the exes into your first date conversations. Be it about your ex or hers, the discussion might end up getting sour. If either of you have had a bad break up then such a topic can lead to a lot of discomfort and awkward silences. So, try not to bring the exes into your conversation when you go for your first date.

2. Talking about your “conquests”
Well, you may think that you are doing a great job at impressing the girl by telling her about your “conquests”. However, it may make you sound creepy and might make the girl feel uncomfortable. Boasting about how many partners you have had or how many women you have slept with will not really do you any good on a first date.

3. Talking about your mom
Needless to say, no women would want to have a detailed discussion about your mom on the first date. It is okay to convey to her that you come from a closely knit family but you need not tell her that your mom still does the cleaning for you. It can be a big turn off. You may across as a mamma’s boy and the girl may feel threatened.

4. Talking about her body
If you keep your conversations focused upon the girl’s body or her “assets” then you are bound to come across as a pervert. It is alright to give her a compliment like “You look great” or “That color really suits you”, etc. but if you start discussing her body in detail then you might end up getting dumped in the middle of the first date. You wouldn’t want that now, would you?

5. Talking just about yourself
If you only keep the discussion centered around you, then the girl will get bored soon. You will come across as someone who is too full of himself and is self-involved. Try to talk about her and try to get to know her instead of boasting about your own achievements.

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