Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7 Steps for Talking to a Girl You Like !!

7 Steps for Talking to a Girl You Like, man woman walking in the woods trees forest leaves holding hands couple love romance

You like a girl, you really want to have her in your life but you fear of making a fool out of yourself when you go talk to her for the first time. No matter how you feel about her it is important to talk to her to give her a chance to know you and also a chance for you to know her. The main problem is talking to her for the first time. We all know first impressions can be the last impression. Here are 7 steps to follow in order to talk to a girl you like.

1.Make eye contact
Don’t just jump in straight away into a conversation. Try to catch her eye sometimes, maybe when you are in class or walking past each other or if you see each other when you take the bus. Be casual and smile.

2.Have the right timing
Choose a time which is convenient for both of you. Don’t bump into her for a conversation if she is busy with something or when she is with her friends. Wait for the right moment and then have a casual conversation. Keep it simple and brief.

3.Compliment her
Start the conversation by complimenting her. But keep in mind not to embarrass her or come across as creepy. Drop light and general compliments to her in the conversation. Choose what to say and what not to say.

4.Keep the conversation going
Your heart might be shouting at your from inside – telling you to spend some time looking at her or it might leave you tongue-tied. However, staring at her is only going to make your interaction awkward. Keep the conversation going on. Control that wild running heart and come up with an interesting topic to talk about.

5.Have backup topics in mind
There might be chances that you become nervous and stumble upon something you think might work as conversation. Don’t go blabber things which you should not. Instead have back up topics in mind, like her views on homework or the new coffee machine, or the movie that just came out. You can even ask her for directions or information on something.

6.Make her laugh
If you think you can make her laugh with some jokes in mind, give it a shot. It will be in your favor. She will come to know that you have a good sense of humor. Don’t be naughty or dirty with your jokes, though. Make up something funny or spontaneous on whatever you are talking about.

7.Leave her wanting more
Close the conversation early but not abruptly. This will leave a curiosity in her that will make her think about you after you’ve left. Know how to end the conversation smartly. If you end things abruptly, she may get the impression that you are not interested or that you want to ignore her.

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