Saturday, December 12, 2015

5 Reasons Women Don’t Date Nice Guys !!

5 Reasons Women Don’t Date Nice Guys,nice guy woman girl wear glasses couple complicated relation

This happens often. Girls end up with the wrong guys, leaving the nice ones and in the end learn their lessons. We need to keep in mind that every shining object isn’t gold. Looks can be deceptive and so can words manipulate you. In order to not suffer and make the wrong choices try to think and judge a guy clearly. Here are 5 reasons why women don’t date nice guys.

1. Distracted by the player
Many girls get attracted to that typical charm of the bad boy. These guys are the ones who appear to be great but the reality might be completely opposite. They either might be great looking, rich, popular, or all these together. Girls get fascinated by this fancy picture and fail to notice the good guys who might be very genuine and good and end up with the player category.

2. Predictable factor
Good guys are the ones who are genuine, are clear in thoughts, don’t play games and don’t mislead you. They are pretty much predictable. But girls fail to notice these things in front of the unpredictable, surprising tricks and charms of the bad guys. The know how to play their cards and attract a girl towards them and play the games.

3. Simple and steady approach
A nice guy would have a simple and gradual approach towards you. He won’t be in a hurry to win your heart with dirty games or tricks, false words, etc. A nice guy would take things at a slower pace and would want to win your trust and heart. Meanwhile if a bad guy would use his charm and skills, the good guy gets thrown out of the picture.

4. Lack of trust
For a girl who was manipulated and deceived by a guy who pretended to be nice, trust becomes an issue. For her believing that a guy is genuinely nice would be a task. This could be a strong reason that girls don’t date nice guys, because their niceness is difficult to digest.

5. Friend-zoned
We have seen this thing happening in the movies and also in reality. The good, decent and caring guys always end up in the friend zone. The girls become too close to the nice guys and consider them as good friends. It doesn’t even occur to them to look at the nice guy in a romantic light.

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