Sunday, December 27, 2015

7 Ways to Attract the Girl of Your Dreams !!

7 Ways to Attract the Girl of Your Dreams,man gave woman flowers roses holding behind his back surprising

Lots of people give you advice on ways to attract the girl of your dreams. But, are those ways fool proof enough to win her over? If you are not sure, then you must follow your heart. Everything will become simple, if you listen to your heart. Listed here are some tried and tested ways to attract the girl of your dreams.

1. Don the right attitude
Having the right attitude in front of her will work in your favor. Maintain a confident posture in front of her. Show that you are too passionate about things or love. The right spirit and positive approach will surely attract her in no time. Do not act cheap when she is around, this can be a turn off.

2. Establish eye contact
Maintain your stance and eye contact. When she is around, lovingly look into her eyes with a smile. This will surely melt her down. Smile when you talk to her. While looking at her, give her a glance for about two seconds. If you continuously look at her, then she might think that you are staring at her. This would go against you. Do not irritate her by staring at her. There is a difference between proper eye contact and stare.

3. Maintain personal hygiene
Apart from confidence, maintaining proper personal hygiene is also important. Coming across as a pleasant personality is one of the most important parts of attracting the girl of your dreams. Hence, make sure you look good, smell good and do not let out bad breath.

4. Talk to her
If she responds you back with a smile, go and say a simple ‘Hi’. Take it from there by introducing yourself. Keep your conversation simple and sweet. Talk to her on casual topics for some time. Let there be a mysterious air surrounding you. If you keep the conversation simple, she would want to speak to you the next time. The right kind of approach will help you to attract her.

5. Be funny and flirty
Be funny in your approach because girls get attracted to guys who have a good sense of humor. Also be playful and flirty to get her attention. All these things can turn her on.

6. Ask her out
If she is friendly with you, there is no harm in asking her out on a date. If she agrees, you know what to do. Simply keep the date interesting and indulging. Talk about common topics. To attract her, talk about things which she likes. She will really be surprised and would want to spend more time with you. Once the conversation gets going, you know you are on the right track.

7. Respect her
It is important to be respectful towards all the women including the one you love. This quality is an instant turn on for girls. When she will see that you respect girls around you, she would automatically get attracted to you.

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