Sunday, December 27, 2015

6 Reasons Why a One Night Stand is a Bad Idea !!

6 Reasons Why a One Night Stand is a Bad Idea, man woman having sex grap his t-shirt

People have different views and opinions about one night stands. It may seem to be very adventurous and a wild thing to do but it has many drawbacks as well. Here are 6 reasons why a one night stand is a bad idea.

1. You may contract sexually transmitted diseases
When you get involved in one night stands, you don’t know about the girl’s medical history. She may be infected with some STD and you would contract the same. You would put your life into danger just for the sake of a night’s fun.

2. You may find it difficult to commit
When you become used to one night stands, it becomes difficult to be in a committed relationship. You become used to relationships where no strings are attached; there are no responsibilities and bondage. This will make it difficult for you to settle down in life.

3. You may get used to it
Something that comes your way easily and is less complicated would always attract you. One night stands would give you pleasure, fun and no complications so you would become used to it.

4. You will be tagged as a Casanova by girls
A guy who is involved into one night stands would not be really trusted by girls. You may end up creating an image of a player; this would reduce your chances of dating girls and getting into serious relationships. If someone hears about it, they will be skeptical about you.

5. You will find it difficult to settle down with someone
Someone who has had a string of affairs or slept with several women will be insecure when it comes to settling down. You will always doubt the person you are with, doubting if she has ventured on the same path at some point of time.

6. It’s a temporary way to deal with your depression
After breakup, it is men’s tendency is to go to strip clubs or have a meaningless one night stand with the next woman they meet. Perhaps you should take a break and confront your feelings than bury your desires under the sheets with a lonesome stranger.

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