Sunday, December 27, 2015

5 Signs Casual Dating is for You !!

5 Signs Casual Dating is for You,man woman love romance date couple handsome man attractive

Dating is no art or science, it is a sheer need. We all date at some point in our lives; the only thing we do not realize is the difference between the serious ones and the casual ones. So how do you know whether casual dating is for you or not? Listed below are 5 signs that will tell you whether casual dating is for you.

1.You juggle between numbers
Basically you call / text / interact with more than one woman, because just one is not enough for you and there is no strong commitment attached to any of these alliances.

2.You sleep and forget
Your date may end up at your place or hers. Sleeping together might come naturally but a ‘no strings attached’ attitude means it is not serious and you can sleep with anyone else as well. As a matter of fact, ‘making out’ or kissing, getting cozy is casual as well.

3.You try to add spice to a boring life
Tired of your monotonous job schedule, meeting deadlines and fulfilling targets? All these invariably lead to a boring, frustrating and stressful life. You meet a lot of the fairer sex but meeting them every now and then, discussing issues and then getting a little intimate is quite casual as far as you are concerned.

4.You do not want to sacrifice
When you are seriously dating someone, you might have to forgo a lot of personal commitments, appointments and time for your girlfriend. But when you meet her only when you are free and/or at your convenience, it is casual for sure.

5.There is nothing at the back of your mind
It is generally noticed that when you just start dating seriously or have been doing it for a while, you tend to think of the person over and over again. You will want to be in constant touch with the same person. But if it is a casual liaison, you will only think about how to keep yourself entertained and will not bother about just her in particular (you might think of all the women at the same time).

Since everything comes with an expiry date, casual dating probably has the shortest span of them all. So live it, love it and enjoy it, but do not overdo it and definitely do not play with somebody’s emotions. Meet women, care for them, and respect them. Give them all they want, except your heart. Otherwise you will be labeled as a player. So date, but with a heart!

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