Sunday, December 27, 2015

4 Nice Ways to Ask for a Girl’s Number !!

4 Nice Ways to Ask for a Girl’s Number man woman holding hands hold her hand love romance

Are you attracted to her and want her number so that you can call/text her and know her better? Have you been talking to her for quite some time but now are confused how to ask for her number without coming across as a fool? Well here are the 5 best ways that will help you ask for her number and come across as a perfect gentleman.

1. Converse with her first
You can’t simply look at a girl and ask her number. You must strike a conversation with her, talk to her on some interesting topic, invoke in her the feeling that you’re a nice and appreciative gentleman, listen to her views and ask for her number while parting ways with her. Tell her it felt great to meet her and you would like to call her for a cup of coffee soon.

2. Don’t just speak, connect
If you’ve struck a conversation with her, make sure that it’s not just you who’s been talking. Get her to express herself, listen to her intently and make her feel that you appreciate her opinions and thoughts. You can’t simply ask for her number without connecting with her and making her have a great time too.

3. Talk to her friends too if they are there
If she is sitting with a bunch of her buddies then don’t just talk to her, talk and connect with her friends as well. Let her and her friends know that you’re an amicable guy. You want her friends to rave about you when you’re not there so make sure that you leave a positive impact on them. And gently ask for her number while saying goodbye with a promise that you’ll meet all of them again soon.

4. Make the most of the best time
If you’re talking to her and there comes a time when both of you are having great fun and you can see that she’s all smiles, it’s time to ask for her number. For instance, you both are happily talking about this new restaurant which serves amazingly delicious food, take her number and tell her you’ll take her there soon.

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