Sunday, December 27, 2015

10 Signs You are Driving her Away !!

 woman hate man girl guy fighting arguing Signs You are Driving her Away

When it comes to relationships, men and women function very differently. There are some things that almost men do and almost all women hate. If you think that your partner is acting a little distant lately, go through the list below and see what you are doing wrong.

1. You cancel on her for your friends
If you tell your partner you can’t make it because you have to be with your guy friends, it will not go down too well with her.

2. You are too egoistic
Women hate it when you give your ego more importance that the woman. Don’t let that happen too often.

3. You can’t take decisions
Women like men who are assertive and take decisions. If you depend on them for decisions, you will only end up annoying them.

4. You take them for granted
It’s very easy to get comfortable in a relationship and take your partner for granted. Women hate it when you take them for granted. Don’t!

5. You multi-task while you are on the phone
Women can tell when you are multi-tasking while talking to them, and it really annoys them.

6. You are glued to your phone while dining out
If you are stuck to your phone while you are out for a romantic dinner, the dinner is not going to count. You might need to make another reservation, soon!

7. You act like a kid
If you don’t like being mothered or being told what to do, women don’t like you acting like a kid.

8. You discuss your beauty issues
Even though women like metrosexual men these days, they are still not interested in knowing what all you do to look the way you do, so not discussing your waxing appointment would be a good idea.

9. You behave like a chauvinist
Women like it when a man open the door or pulls a chair, but it’s not expected. What is expected is you carrying the bags if they are too heavy. If you behave like a chauvinist and think of this task as lowly, you are surely driving her away.

10. You don’t help in the household chores
A woman may not expect you to help out in everything but if you are not putting your plate in the kitchen and cleaning the mess you created yourself, you are in trouble!

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