Thursday, December 24, 2015

5 Reasons Why Playing Hard to Get could Backfire !!

5 Reasons Why Playing Hard to Get could Backfire,woman girl hate man guy couple fighting confused angry

Dating blogs and forums are full of advice why you should play hard to get and how it can make you the most prized possession for your woman. But the reality today is entirely different. While you might be playing the most intelligent hard to get games, chances are that you will end up getting nothing of her. Here are top five reasons why playing hard to get could backfire on you.

1. It won’t be fun for long
It might seem fun initially but soon it’ll become tiring and exhausting for both you and her. You’ll run out of ways to keep her waiting and she’ll run out of patience. Also you’ll miss all the opportunities when you could spend some quality time with her and have some carefree fun.

2. She will get tired of playing
While women do like men who are not an easy prize, they don’t like to be played with for too long. If you’ve stretched the ‘playing hard to get’ thing for too long, she will surely lose her patience and cool and will no longer respond to your hints and games.

3. She won’t get to know you
Due to constant game playing you will never be able to bare yourself as a person to her. She won’t get to know what kind of a person you are and what are your likes and dislikes. This means that even when you will get together after all, she won’t be able to make you as happy as you were expecting.

4. She might find someone else
The worst disadvantage of playing hard to get is that the one you’re playing with might come across someone else in the middle of all the game playing, whom she might find interesting and who might show equally intense interest in her. If all that happens, you are surely going to regret your game playing all your life.

5. She will think that you’re not interested
If you’ll keep her wondering and waiting for too long, chances are that she will start thinking that you are not interested in her or are not really attracted to her. If this happens, she will surely stop chasing you and will leave you with all your silly little games.

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