Thursday, December 24, 2015

7 Tips for Husbands to Be !!

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The institution of marriage is apprehensive for both the man and the woman as long as they experience it. Sometimes, it is extremely fearsome simply because of the fear of accommodating another person in your life and its associated perils, if any. If you are planning to enter into wedlock, then it is important to understand and accept that there are bound to be problems in matrimony as much as you experience them even when you are single. But certain changes will go a long way to ensure that the bonding is beautiful, charming, long lasting and most of all happy. So, here are some tips for husbands-to-be.

1.Respect her family
Marriage is not just about bonding between two people but also about the two families. Since each of the sides have been living on different grounds, experienced varied situations, hold different perceptions and thoughts, it often is difficult to arrive on the same page. This situation is better handled if you don’t try to bring the other family to do what you want to do. Accept the differences and let them lead their lives peacefully. Involve all of them in family get-togethers and occasions and show respect to each tradition to earn respect in return.

2.Understand her
Understand your spouse and this is the most important mantra in a successful marriage. Although there are bound to be issues when you lead a life with someone under one roof, a large percentage of it can be offset if you understand your wife. She is as much an individual like you with her own share of laziness, illness, desires, temptations, needs, wants and preferences. If you want your space to be respected, then it makes sense to show her that respect as well so that the bonding is free of disputes and bitterness.

3.Compliment her
There is no woman who does not like compliments. So, if you want to keep your lady happy, pay her compliments every now and them. But do not over-indulge and feel like an idiot later. Compliments could pertain to looks, food cooked, a task that is well accomplished or anything else. Everyone likes to be recognized, appreciated and rewarded and your wife is no exception to the rule.

4.Treat her well
Treat your woman the way you like to be treated. If this simple tip is upheld, numerous problems that are common in matrimony can be avoided. If there is something that you hate to do, do not expect your wife to do it unless she expresses her desire or liking to indulge in it.

5.Do not dominate
Women love their space but they also love it when you take over and show who the man in the relationship is. There is only a fine line between taking over when required and dominating. And that’s the line you need to understand from your relationship and the impending situation.

6.Give her attention
Women love attention and that too when it is undivided. To keep your woman happy, give her the attention she deserves. Perfunctory nodding or habitual kissing on the forehead is only going to put her off. While it may be difficult to keep up your charm quotient way up high every time to please your better half, save all your energy for the moments you meet up after a gap. For instance, when you come back home after work, it is good to give her the impression that you are glad to be home and near her. Subsequently, even if you tank, it is not going to be noticed. But the first moment of meet-up is very important.

7.Help her around the house
Stay away from the very common complaint every husband receives – you don’t help enough around the house. Or at least try to stay away from it. Men are psychologically trained to overlook dirty dishes, stray clothes strewn around or the open closet. Every now and then, train your mind to look at things from a woman’s point of view to steer clear of the complaint. When your wife is happy, you will be happier.

There are these itsy bitsy things that make women happy even if they don’t seem important to you. Give her that. It does not cost you much but makes your better half treat you like a king. Now, that’s what you call a happy marriage.

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