Thursday, December 24, 2015

5 Ways to Keep Her in Love with You Always !!

5 Ways to Keep Her in Love with You Always,man hugging woman girl from behind on beach sea sunrise

Women are delicate and emotional creatures. They like to be pampered with small yet touchy gestures. Listed here are some such ways to keep her in love with you always.

1. Show courtesy
Yeah! You shower her with pleases, thank yous and sorries and she will all be drooling over you. But don’t overdo it. Women hate it when their men act like a puppy. Just try to show her that you notice her and respect her from the heart for the time she takes in doing small things for you.

2. Man up and dominate her
Take charge of the situation. If you leave everything on her, there are chances that she will be fed up of you soon. Ask for her opinions, because it matters. But you be the dominant partner in the relationship. Tell her how you feel about a situation. Baring your heart in front her matters to her.

3. Treat her like a lady
Show her respect, hold the door for her, act chivalrous. She may say she does not like it but no woman can avoid the power of attention. They have a sharp sixth sense; in no time they will figure out what you mean by what you are doing.

4. Compliment her
It’s not about complimenting her beauty or her dress or saying “you look perfect!” with an absent mind. She can read it in your eyes. What she craves and deserves is for you to take notice of her. When she does something for you, you are liable to praise her.

5. Don’t jump to conclusions
Women whine about their problems in front of you. That does not mean she wants you to give a suggestion or judge them. What they are looking for is a listening ear. So next time you tell her, “Honey! Why do you even care?”, beware! You are stepping into a DND zone.

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