Thursday, December 24, 2015

5 Tips for Dating an Attractive Woman !!

5 Tips for Dating an Attractive Woman, man holding woman girl hand first date love romance

Mr. Awesome Barney Stinson of the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fame had said that there exists a reacher and settler in every relationship. Quite simply put, couples are seldom equally matched in terms of attractiveness, with the one less attractive reaching out to someone beyond his or her league and the more attractive settling for a less attractive specimen. So what if you are the reacher dating an attractive woman? Perfect right? Not exactly! Read on for some tips on how to date an attractive woman.

1. Keep the insecurities at bay
Now this is nearly impossible. You are aware that she is an attractive woman, she is aware that she is an attractive woman, likewise, the rest of the world is aware too! She will be getting a lot of male attention, she may enjoy it too! But the important thing is, you do not let it get to you. Because as much as you want, men aren’t going to stop noticing your lady. If you let insecurities and jealousies creep into your relationship, you may mess up something great that the two of you have. Always keep in mind that for all the attention she gets, you are the guy she is with and that’s that.

2. Don’t be needy
While you may not be racked by insecurities, you may still want to try and prevent the possibility of some other guy getting too close for comfort. It seems like a logical thing to do, the less she time she spends away from you, the less she is going to fall for someone else. However, what you are actually doing is stifling her freedom and she will not appreciate it. The point is not how much time you spend with one another but how much fun you have while you do. Therefore ensure quality, not quantity. Do not become someone who gives her no space; you may slowly descend from being a loved one to simply an irritant she can’t wait to get rid of.

3. Respect her
Sure she is pretty, but there may a lot of aspects of her personality which are admirable. She may be a good singer, a writer or a very successful professional. You need to respect that and show it too. You may want to compliment her on her personality traits from time to time rather than going on about just how beautiful she looks in that red dress of hers. Make no mistake. Compliments about the red dress are much appreciated, but make sure that’s not the only thing you notice about her. She must be used to compliments about her looks all the time; she will definitely expect something extra from you – give her that!

4. Be worth her
So you are not the best looking guy on the planet. But she chose to be with you. If you value the relationship enough, you would want to make sure that she never feels she is in the wrong. A girl wants a lot of things from a guy, good lucks are simply one of them and not even the most important of them. If you are caring, sensitive and can make her laugh, chances are you never have to worry about anything.

5. Work on yourself
Now this is not mandatory, but you can work towards working on your body and getting fitter. This is nice to have in any relationship. That you put in the effort to get in shape and look better means you care about the person you are with to try and look good for them. Getting in shape is something that will help you as well, as it will go a long way in building your confidence and reducing some of the insecurity you may feel in your relationship. All in all it’s a complete win-win!

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