Thursday, December 24, 2015

5 Ways to Reconcile With Your Best Friend

5 Ways to Reconcile With Your Best Friend , man hug woman cry crying girl hugging

True friendships sustain through good and bad times. They need certain amount of love, care and efforts from both sides. There can be times when closest of friends can drift apart, but misunderstandings can be solved and things can get back to normal. This would require a will and effort to work towards it. Here are 5 ways to reconcile with your best friend.

1. Accept and apologize genuinely
If you want your best friend back, you need to leave your ego aside. You should accept your fault and apologize for your mistake; this is the first step to reconcile. It then depends on your friend’s will and mood. A true friend would always understand and accept you.

2. Initiate to rebuild the relationship
It is not correct to wait for your friend to initiate things because it is not important who takes the first step. Try to use every chance and opportunity you get to work on the gap between you two. Your best friend would surely pay heed to your efforts and a true friend would acknowledge your efforts and would do the same.

3. Don’t pull string of past issues
If you want to reconcile your friendship then you need to leave the issues of the past in the past. You should not bring up topics from the past or talk about the sensitive issues. This would not help to reconcile, it could make things worse.

4. Try to plan and spend extra time
To reconcile your friendship you need to take extra efforts. Make plans and involve in activities that you both enjoy like catching up for a game, reclining on a comfortable chair and watching ‘A’ rated movies, TV shows and games and some chilled beers. This will help you reconnect and help bring you closer.

5. Don’t wait for too long
Sometimes it can be too late before you say sorry. You have waited too long and for all you know, you have drifted apart; perhaps due to a big promotion, transfer to a different state or country. You might end up losing a great friend, just because you didn’t try to reconcile.

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