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7 Best Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday !!

 Best Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday,man gave woman present gift diamond ring wedding

Birthdays are one of the most special days in anybody’s life. And when it’s your lady’s birthday, then you should definitely try and wish her in the most unique way. It has been noticed that many men get cold feet when their girlfriend’s birthday is nearing. Yes, there is a long list of demands that some girlfriends have, but sometimes, surprising her by doing small and simple things works very well, as that is all she wants. It is not very difficult to please your girlfriend when you know her weaknesses or favorite things. So, put on your thinking hat and try and do those things that bring a smile on her face. Few spoons of thoughtfulness are all you need. And if you still fall short of ideas, then here are a few ways we suggest with which you can surprise your girlfriend, in a manner that she will never be able to forget.

1. Surprise her at midnight
This is the simplest, yet most effective formula to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday. Though getting her a cake at 12am in the night has become extremely clichéd, try and do something unique so that your midnight surprise actually astonishes her completely. What you can do is get hold of her cell phone somehow, and put an alarm at around 3am saying, “Look inside your bag”. Make sure the previous day you have put a card or a small gift inside her bag without an air of doubt in her mind. You have to play extremely vigilant and smart here.

2. Make a music video
Now this can be very cheesy, yet exceptionally romantic, and can work wonders with most girls. Being a responsible and loving boyfriend, you should know what your girlfriend’s favorite romantic song is. Then take some candid pictures and videos of both of you, as well as her friends to make a small video of it on her favorite song. Play this video while you all are partying with your group of friends and she least expects something like this. Then happily witness the joy on her face with this surprise!

3. Cook for her
It is not every day that you will get a chance to cook for your girlfriend. This gesture is extremely lovable, and will make your girlfriend cry with happiness. Make her favorite dish, or at least try to make it for her on her birthday. Give her this surprise as the first thing in the morning, as you sing her the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. She will definitely be taken aback with this amazing surprise.

4. Write your own romantic novel
If your girlfriend is an avid reader, then presenting her with a novel will be a good idea. But think ahead of the league; write down your own love story and present it as a novel to her. You will be blown away by her reaction! Start off from where you both first met, to the first date, your first kiss and so on. This might take some time to prepare, but you can definitely plan this at least a month ahead. Add some special moments, some secrets, and enhance the book with some candid photographs. Nothing can be as interesting and surprising as this.

5. Make her a birthday card
You don’t have to be a Picasso or a Dali to draw your girlfriend a birthday card! All you have to do is write down your feelings for her in the simplest way, which will melt her heart completely. Even if you draw a small heart on the card, it will be enough for her to understand how much you love her. Personalized cards with pictures and drawings from you can be an extremely romantic gift for your girlfriend.

6. Shower her with flowers
Flowers can never go wrong! Express your love through flowers to your girlfriend and wish her Happy Birthday. Start off her day by presenting a bouquet of flowers to her at home, then at her office, and at regular intervals till the end of the day. Don’t forget to add some small messages of love with the flowers. Present the last bouquet on your own, and that moment will sum up all the feelings you shared with her throughout the day, very well.

7. Take her out on a dinner date
This is the most tried and tested formula that has worked all the time. Dinner dates are the most romantic experiences for any couple that is madly in love. And when it’s her birthday, then the dinner date becomes even more special. Arrange for a candle light dinner in a beautiful and picturesque restaurant, and spend loads of time together sharing sweet nothings. This will make your lady fall in love with you all over again. Cut her birthday cake together, sing a song for her, and dance on soft romantic numbers to complete the date.

All these are just some of the many ideas for wishing your girlfriend in the most unique and different manner. You can become even more creative and come up with rare and interesting ideas. But remember, whatever you do, do it with all your heart and genuineness, and your girlfriend will feel as if she is at the top of the world.

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