Thursday, December 24, 2015

7 Signs of a Relationship Gone Wrong !!

7 Signs of a Relationship Gone Wrong ,man woman walking on the beach sunset love romance

Sometimes your relationship just doesn’t feel the same. Things begin to change, even your girl begins to change. It’s time for you to reconsider what to do. We give you the top 7 signs of a relationship gone wrong.

1. The emotion is missing
It is beautiful how girls can tell their partner the smallest thing with the biggest warmest expression. But the day you feel that the expression is lost somewhere, it is time you sit back and see what has changed. Always remember that there is a difference between sharing something with your partner and just telling them something for the heck of it.

2. She talks about everything but the relationship
Yes, when a girl wants to talk about everything around you except your relationship, there is definitely something wrong. For any girl the relationship is an important part of her world, but when she avoids talking about it, her priorities may have changed.

3. Your small gestures are not reciprocated anymore
It is amazing to see how small gestures can bring a huge smile on her face. From holding hands to a wink in public, all these small things add up and build the chemistry that you share. But when these things are not there anymore, or are not being appreciated, then there is surely something amiss.

4. She tends to end discussions too quickly
Girls and discussions are almost synonyms! They love to discuss, especially when they are in a relationship. Even after an argument they would discuss how to put an end to it and get back to the way things were. But when she says, “There is no point discussing this, just leave it,” you better start thinking of where the relationship is going.

5. She avoids to talk about “your” future
The “your” in the title refers to the both of you, together. From discussing the colour of the room to the name of children, it is the future girls want to talk about. Everything for them is “us,” and not you and me. Avoiding sweet future talk is really abnormal and not a good sign.

6. She gives in easily to what others say
The strongest thing about a girl is that when she loves somebody she will hold your hand even when the rest of world is against you. She will be your strength through good and bad. Rumors would not matter to her, but the day they start mattering to her, it is time for you to stop and take a good look at your relationship.

7. She avoids meeting you in private
It always feels good and special when you spend some alone time with the love of your life. It may just be holding hands or cuddling. You feel comforted, at peace and pampered and it gives you the best feeling in the world. But when these gestures make her feel uncomfortable, or she avoids meeting you privately, things are definitely not working.

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