Wednesday, December 9, 2015

7 Tips for Better Communication With Your Wife

7 Tips for Better Communication With Your Wife,couple relation man woman love romance

To be able to have healthy communication is essential for any good relationship. However, sometimes it becomes very difficult to put our point across or to understand what exactly the other person is saying. We give you some of the ways in which you can improve the quality of communication between you and your wife.

1. Don’t argue when she is angry
No matter how valid your opinions are, there is no point in sharing them when your wife is already angry about something. If you continue arguing with her at that point, then it will do nothing to salvage the situation. She will not be in a mental condition to absorb what you are saying. A better way of dealing with things would be to just wait till she cools down and then gently put your point forward.

2. Respect the silence
Know that silence is an important part of healthy communication between a couple. The moment you start being comfortable in each other’s silence, it is a sign that the relationship is going strongly. You do not necessarily have to be talking all the time to have good communication. You must make your wife feel relaxed enough to remain silent if she is not in a mood to talk.

3. Observe the non-verbal gestures
An important aspect of healthy communication is to understand each other’s non-verbal gestures. It is not just enough to listen to what your wife is saying. You must make a note of that which she is not saying verbally but is implying with her non-verbal gestures. For instance, if she says she is fine but you see a dullness in her eyes or a frown on her face, then it is obvious that she is not totally fine. If you are able to catch these signs then it will do wonders for your communication.

4. Welcome the differences in opinions
Know that no two people can always have the same opinion on things. Having a confrontation is natural in a relationship. You do not always have to prove that you are right and you need not put your wife down for what she believes in. There should be enough understanding between the two that you are able to have a mature discussion about things that you do not agree upon.

5. Listen without being judgmental
If you always keep judging your wife based on the things that she shares with you, then she will think twice before telling you anything. Always keep an open mind and listen without trying to judge her. This will give her the courage to share all sorts of things with you.

6. Avoid having preconceived notions
It is not fair to have made a decision about things without even hearing the other person out. This will happen if you have preconceived notions about your wife. You will jump to conclusions even before she has discussed the matter with you in detail. Give her the space to talk things out with you without interrupting her.

7. Just listen
Sometimes when your wife is in a bad mood or has had a rough day, she might just want you to hear her out. When she shares her troubles with you, you need not always give her suggestions or solutions. Just hear her out and let her vent her frustration. If you always keep advising her on things when she shares her problems with you then it may make things bad. You must be able to judge when your wife is looking for solutions and when she simply needs a listening ear.

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