Wednesday, December 9, 2015

6 Advantages of Friends With Benefits !!

6 Advantages of Friends With Benefits, man woman relation couple beach sea summer time enjoying

It has been around for ages. It is difficult to get. Not many are comfortable with it. But once you get going, there is nothing more fun than having a friend with benefits, especially if it is with someone who you get along fabulously with. Everyone dreams of having a friend with benefits. Who would not want to have a relationship filled with fun and not have to deal with emotional baggage and commitments. It is a godsend for commitment phobics. We give you some of the advantages of friends with benefits.

1.Commitment does not loom large over the relationship
Both of you enter into this relationship knowing that you cannot get emotionally involved with each other, and when there are no great expectations involved, it all ends up to having fun, fun and more fun.

2.Enjoy the single life and still have sex
You still get to have boys’ night out; can watch a game without having to worry about dinner. Your apartment can be a mess and still have a woman in your life.

3.No judging
You already get into it knowing you are not the only one, so there is no question of fidelity or morality or jealousy creeping into this relationship. When there is no judging the other, there is only respect both for each other’s space and privacy.

4.Great sex and more room for experiment
This is a relationship where you can be more experimental and also discuss your fantasies freely with as there is a certain comfort level that has already been established.

5.It is beneficial for everyone
And less feelings of acrimony when either one of you decide to end it and start seeing someone else. As there are no promises made in the beginning, there are no promises broken and you are free to discuss and move on with your life.

6.It just gets better if it turns serious
Since you are already comfortable with her and with each other’s needs and desires, the ride further can only get smoother. You don’t have to start all over from the beginning in case things do get serious.

A friend with benefits is what most of us crave for at least at some point in our lives. Apart from the sex, you also get to know more about a woman and this helps in treating them better in the future.

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