Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5 Mistakes Most Guys Make After Breakup !!!

5 Mistakes Most Guys Make After Breakup,man lonely boy guy sad

It becomes complicated to figure out how to behave after the breakup. As a guy if you are the one who broke up or your girlfriend broke up with you, you need to keep certain things in mind. In order to move on and get over the breakup, certain steps need to be followed and some things need to be avoided. Here are 5 mistakes most guys make after breakup.

1. Monitoring the communication
You may not be emotionally very strong after the breakup or your ex girlfriend is really shattered. Yet, you need to limit the communication. Don’t show that you are too needy or depressed by calling again and again, texting or using other means to communicate. If your ex is doing this, then you need to avoid contact without being rude. Many guys do this mistake, either they compellingly try to communicate or just behave in a very discourteous manner.

2. Playing the blame game
This is something that many guys get involved into after the breakup and it is a big mistake. Avoid discussions that would lead to topics where you start blaming or taking blames on yourself just to please your ex or because of guilt. These discussions have no end and no use; it’s just a waste of time and energy.

3. Trying too hard to be friends
You may have the guilt in you for breaking up or you just don’t want to let go of the bond, so you try too hard to be friends with your ex. Because of this you fail to give and get the required space. You need to give time and space to your ex, in order to move on or to consider becoming friends.

4. Obsessing about fixing things
You may not really be happy about the breakup and want to fix things right away, but things don’t work out this way. If you really want your girlfriend back, you need to respect her decision. This will help her reflect on her life without you. Later you could pursue her and let her know about your feelings.

5. Hooking up with someone else
The first few days after a breakup should be used as an opportunity to focus on yourself. Hooking up with another person or dating too soon will not allow you to deal with your feelings and figure out what you really want.

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