Wednesday, December 16, 2015

7 Things Women Want Men to Know !!

7 Things Women Want Men to Know woman hug man from behind love romance looking through window

Ah…the world would be a much better place if men and women belonged to the same planet. Since they don’t, we are here to make things easier for species. Here are some of the things that women want men to know.

1. No means No
Just because a woman laughs at your jokes or agrees to go for a walk with you, it does not always mean that she wants to take things to the bedroom. When a woman says ‘No’ to your sexual advances or tells you that she is not comfortable with your flirting, please take her seriously. Every woman has the right to deny a man if she does not feel at ease with him. Know that we are strict about the boundaries we create and you should respect those boundaries.

2. Chivalry works most of the time
Contrary to the popular notion, most women like it when a man is chivalrous. Please do not think for a second that we cannot open the door ourselves or cannot pull the chair for ourselves when we sit. But, we still would appreciate it if a man shows the courtesy to do these things for us. Again, if a girl does not want you to be chivalrous, she will tell you and you can change your behavior accordingly.

3. A third date does not always mean sex
There seems to be some unwritten rule about the third date. Please do not assume that a woman would want to have sex with you just because she has gone out with you thrice. Sometimes, three meetings do not seem enough. A woman would not like to sleep with you unless she is comfortable with you, and it could take more than 3 dates.

4. It is okay to cry sometimes
Women do not think that crying is a sign of weakness. However, you should also not be a total cry baby. That could be a big turn-off for us. Just do not shy away from shedding a tear or two when you see something really moving or you are faced with a tragedy in life. This would let us know that you are actually human and not a robot.

5. It is not just all about the muscles
Do not think that the guy with the biggest muscles is most likely to get a chance with a girl. If you are a gym freak but lack that basic sensitivity, then the girl will not fall for you. We are looking for someone with something more than just muscles.

6. All women are not the same
We hate it when men label us. Just because the earlier girl that they were dating had certain personality traits, it does not mean that all women are like that. We would appreciate it if you make the effort of actually trying to know a girl instead of having pre-conceived notions.

7. We do not like being left hanging
If you are not into us, please have the courage to let us know. We do not really like waiting by the phone for you to call. It does not make us feel happy when you give us the cold shoulder for no rhyme or reason. Know that we are not so fragile and we will be able to take it if you are not actually interested in us.

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