Wednesday, December 16, 2015

6 Sure Signs She’ll be Good in Bed !!

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Guys cannot help but wonder how a girl would be in bed even if they are slightly interested in her. We give you some signs which will let you know that the girl will in fact be great in bed!

1. The kiss
They say the way a woman kisses is a preview to how she will be in bed. If you have a girl who kisses passionately and makes you go all weak in the knees, then it is a sign that she will be equally good in bed. If the kisses are dull and boring, then it could be a red flag.

2. The eyes
Women say a lot with their eyes. If you often find your girl giving you the tantalizing bedroom eyes, then she will probably be very good in bed. If you often find her trying to undress you with her eyes or if she often gives you the seductive stare, then you are in for a great time. This is a sign that she is thinking of you in a sexual way, even when you guys are not in your bedroom.

3. The dance moves
In most cases, a woman who dances well is likely to be great in bed. When you take her dancing, does she shy away and simply move her body to get it over with? Or is she the kind of girl who likes to let herself go and truly own the dance floor? Does she have a lot of seductive moves? Is she able to dance on beat and in tandem with the music? If she is a good dancer and if she enjoys dancing, then chances are that she will make a wonderful partner in bed.

4. The flexibility
We all know how important flexibility is when it comes to great sex. If your lady is in good shape and works out to have enough flexibility and stamina, then she is likely to be good in bed.

5. The competitiveness
If your girl has a competitive streak, then she wouldn’t like being bad at anything. So, chances are that such a girl would be awesome in bed. She will put a lot of effort in trying to outdo herself and will do her best to be the best.

6. The conversations
Do you like talking to her or does she just seem to blabber on? Does she make you laugh or do you find it boring to have a lengthy conversation with her? Many experts feel that if you always have short conversations with lots of awkward silences, then you might have the same chemistry in bed. If your conversations are interesting, then it is a sign that you are able to read each others’ body language and know how to hold each other’s interest. In most cases, sex will be an extension of this and you will have a good experience.

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