Friday, December 18, 2015

5 Signs Your Girlfriend is Emotionally Unstable !!

5 Signs Your Girlfriend is Emotionally Unstable,man woman girl fighting relation hit

There are chances that your girlfriend is emotionally unstable. This doesn’t mean she has a mental problem, it simply means that she is obsessing about you and the relationship. There are ways to know if this is the case with your girlfriend and you could figure out a way to deal with it. Here are 5 signs that your girlfriend is emotionally unstable.

1. She constantly wants to keep a tab on you
If your girlfriend constantly wants to know what you are doing and where you are, then something is wrong. A girlfriend and boyfriend do give updates to each other and tell what they are doing. But if the girl is always curious and anxious to get the updates of every minute, then she surely isn’t stable.

2. She fights with you quite often
If your girlfriend always blames you for everything and keeps fighting with you for every small thing, then this could be a sign. If she doesn’t know how to be calm and is constantly hyper and arguing, it clearly shows that she is emotionally unstable.

3. She makes you feel guilty and discourages you
If your girlfriend manipulates you and makes you feel guilty about everything, it shows her instability. In a relationship, partners support and encourage each other. But if she constantly talks negative, never supports you and discourages you, it shows her emotional instability.

4. She lacks self-esteem and confidence
A girl who doesn’t have the required self-esteem and confidence, to be comfortable in public, enjoy and be social may be emotionally unstable. If your girlfriend is quite similar to this, then she will always need you, cling to you and will require your constant attention. She would need you for her own self esteem and self-assurance.

5. She has been wounded in the past
Your girlfriend may find it hard to trust either because of you or a past relationship. Because of this there will be doubts, lack of trust and suspicion. Insecurity stems from disloyalty. This could increase with time and become a habit. This is also a sign of being emotionally unstable.

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