Friday, December 18, 2015

7 Sure Signs She’ll be Bad in Bed !!

7 Sure Signs She’ll be Bad in Bed ,sad woman guilty man break up divorce unhappy couple

For a man, a woman who is not good in bed is a big deal-breaker. To save you from having some unpleasant surprises in the relationship, we give you some sure signs that a woman will be bad in bad.

1. She is a bad kisser
If you do not feel excited at all when she kisses you, then it is a red flag. How a woman kisses is a great way to tell how she will be in bed. If her kisses are boring, mechanical, and dispassionate, then it is a sign that she will be boring, mechanical, and dispassionate in bed as well.

2. She is extremely insecure about her body
If you are with a woman who is way too self-conscious, then she may not turn out to be a great bedroom partner. If she is constantly worried about how she looks and is unhappy with her body, then these insecurities will take over in the bedroom as well. You need to take this as a sign that she may not be great in bed.

3. She does not take criticism well
If you are interested in a woman who is extremely bad at taking criticism, then the road might be bumpy for you in the long run. It is necessary for a good sex life that you share what you like or do not like with your partner. If she is not open to taking any sort of negative feedback, then it could be a bad sign.

4. She is unwilling to try new things
Are you with a woman who is so set in her ways that she is not willing to try anything new? Does she always order the same thing when you go out? Do you always find her wearing only a certain kind of clothes? Does she cringe at the thought of any kind of experimentation? Well, needless to say, such a woman will not be willing to try new things in bed either. This could make things really dull.

5. She lacks enthusiasm
If a woman is generally enthusiastic about life or about things around her, then it is a sign that she is lively and optimistic. On the other hand, a woman who is way too lazy or detached to make any sort of effort in life could be bad news. It is a sign that she will not be willing to make any effort in bed and would just want things over and done with.

6. She is very boring to talk to
If she is a poor conversationalist and if that bores you to death every time you talk to her, then this could be a sign that you two will not share good chemistry in bed. A history of dull and tiring conversations is an indication that you do not know how to excite each other and if this continues to be so in the bedroom, then sex will be bad.

7. She does not like to take the initiative
Are you always the one to suggest things when you make plans for outings? Do you always pick the restaurant or the movie? When it comes to flirting, are you always the one who takes the initiative? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you are probably with a woman who does not like to take any initiative in life. She may make a good sex partner initially but you will soon be longing for her to take the reins. And she may not behave as expected, eventually ruining your sex life.

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