Friday, December 4, 2015

7 Signs Your Girlfriend is Losing Interest !!

7 Signs Your Girlfriend is Losing Interest,busy man bored woman guy bad relatioship

Couples who have been in long relationships may face the problem of losing interest in other after some time. Signs of such behavior may start getting reflected in their daily interaction with each other. Here are few signs that your girlfriend could be losing interest in you.

1. She appears busy with her cell phone while you talk
Have you ever caught your girlfriend texting while you are talking to her? Does she always appear busy with her cell phone when you approach her? This is a sign that she doesn’t care about what you are talking. It may also mean that she is bored of you and she doesn’t find you or your conversations interesting enough to hold her attention.

2. She doesn’t initiate plans anymore
In a relationship, the girl is usually the one to initiate all the plans and make decisions about the couple’s everyday whereabouts. Your girlfriend is the one who should be complaining to you to take her out. If you notice that your girlfriend has slowly tapered off her involvement in planning your dates and outings together, it may mean that she is gradually losing interest in you.

3. She doesn’t dress up the way she used to
The way a girl dresses up for her man speaks volumes about how much effort she puts in the relationship. You may not expect your girlfriend to dress up for you everyday but if she is not showing any effort in dressing up even when you go out, chances are that her focus in your relationship may be dwindling.

4. She doesn’t take your call when she doesn’t feel like it
Do you remember the time when your girlfriend used to call you without a reason? Can you recall the times when your girlfriend gave you plenty of apologies for missing a call? If your girlfriend often misses your call these days under the pretext that she isn’t in a good mood, things may have changed in your relationship.

5. She has spoken about taking a break
When couples talk about taking a break in their relationship, it is usually to sort out a problem or to see if their love can survive the test of time and distance. If your girlfriend has ever spoken about taking a break, she may want to get away from you because of her decreasing interest in the relationship.

6. She makes travel plans without you
When your girlfriend starts making holiday plans without you more than once, she could be trying to tell you something by her odd behavior. Usually, couples die to take out time from their busy schedules and go holidaying together. If your girlfriend has not been including you in her travel plans lately, she could be losing interest.

7. You don’t know her whereabouts at all
Partners are usually aware about each other’s whereabouts during the day. They are also likely to have an idea about what each other’s schedules are going to be. Not knowing anything about your girlfriend’s schedule, where she is going to be or who she is going to meet through the day are signs that she is not sharing enough with you. And this could mean that she is slowly losing interest in the relationship.

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